Bloody Chops: August 14th

by Jason Soto · August 14, 2010 · Bloody Chops · 5 Comments

Victim: Cinema Sights
Scene of the Crime:Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Killed by: Cinema Sights

Victim: Does Writing Excuse Watching?
Scene of the Crime: The New Daughter (2009)
Killed by: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Victim: jdbrecords
Scene of the Crime: The Best & Worst of the Friday the 13th Series
Killed by: jdbrecords

Not sure why there’s only three of these. Isn’t there like 500 horror bloggers on here? I think we need to amp this up a bit. Maybe a campaign of sorts or something. Hmm…


If you like to send something in for next week’s Bloody Chops, send them to using the following format:
Post Title:
Submitted by:

And have them in by midnight Friday night EST! Any questions, leave a comment. I need comments to live. And you want me to live, right?


5 Responses to Bloody Chops: August 14th

  1. Jason Soto says:

    Woo!! This became the 2000th post on the LAMB!!! I rock!!!

    Seriously, send in those Bloody Chops. Seriously.

  2. Fletch says:

    ‘Fraid not, my friend. Those 3 posts that are in Draft don’t count…

    I’ll be putting up a commemorative post for el numero 2000.

  3. Jason Soto says:

    Y’know, Fletch, I was depressed that only three people submitted something for Bloody Chops and the ONE piece of happiness I got out of this post was it being the 2000th post.

    But now….

  4. Fletch says:

    I am the destroyer of dreams.

  5. Madgestic says:

    We want you to live eternally, Jason! Guess that means we’d better feed you a whole lot of comments 😉

    Thanks for keeping the Horror flowing thick and fast.

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