Bloody Chops: September 11th

by Jason Soto · September 11, 2010 · Bloody Chops · No Comments

Victim: Best For Film
Scene of the Crime: The Crazies – Bloody apocalypse with a smile
Killed by: Madgestic

Victim: I Shoot the Pictures
Scene of the Crime: Scene of the Crime: Shivers (1975)
Killed by: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Victim: Stop the Planet of the Apes… I want to get off
Scene of the Crime: Friday the 13th Part III – 3D Blu-ray review
Killed by: Stop the Planet of the Apes… I want to get off

Victim: Top10Films
Scene of the Crime: Top 10 John Carpenter Films
Killed by: Top10Films

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in! If YOU want in on the fun, just go to a horror blog, go “hm, that post is great!” and use this format to mail it to me:
Site Name:
Post Title:
Submitted by:

Mail to by midnight Friday night EST. And you and the blog you submit HAS to be a LAMB or WILL BE a LAMB.

We also do the same thing for non-horror stuff, called The LAMB Chops, and if you want to partake in that, just send in a post to using the above format!

Any questions or comments leave them as a comment! Thanks!

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