Bloody Chops: October 16th

by Jason Soto · October 16, 2010 · Bloody Chops · 1 Comment

Victim: Bill’s Movie Emporium
Scene of the Crime: Review: Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Killed By: Cinema Sights

Victim: strange spanners
Scene of the Crime: Finally the Human Centipede
Killed By: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Victim: Dan The Mans Movie Reviews
Scene of the Crime: Scream (1996)
Killed By: Dan The Mans Movie Reviews

Victim: Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Scene of the Crime: I Am Omega (2007)
Killed By: Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Victim: Movie Mobsters
Scene of the Crime: Groovers and Mobsters Present: Vampire Movies
Killed By: Andy from Fandango Groovers

Thank you to everyone who sent links in! I’m gonna ask Dylan if we can do a special Chops version for the 30th, since it’s the Saturday before Halloween. So stay tuned for a message about that.

If YOU want to send in a Bloody Chop, don’t sweat it! Here’s all you need to do:
1. If you are a LAMB, or the site you want to submit as a chop is a LAMB, email me at [email protected] using this format:
Site Name:
Post Title:
Submitted By:

2. Have them emailed in by midnight Friday night, EST.
3. We do the same for non-horror stuff. Same rules as above, but send those to [email protected] and have them in by midnight Monday night, EST.
4. Sacrifice your first born child. Oh wait, Dylan won’t let me do that anymore.