Bloody Chops: December 4th

by Jason Soto · December 4, 2010 · Bloody Chops · No Comments

Victim: The Non-Review
Scene of the Crime: Surviving the Apocalypse Lesson #47: Zombies
Killed By: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Victim: MyFilmHabit
Scene of the Crime: Not Your Kind of Movie
Killed By: MyFilmHabit

Victim: Day Of The Woman
Scene of The Crime: Bleedfest: The Women’s Film Festival You’d Be a Fool to Miss
Killed By: Pussy Goes Grrr

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And have them in by midnight Friday night, EST. We also have a regular version called LAMB Chops. To send in a non-horror post, send those to using the same format. Those need to be in by midnight Monday night, EST.


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