Bloody Chops: January 15th

by Jason Soto · January 15, 2011 · Bloody Chops · No Comments

Wow, felt like I haven’t done one of these in forever. In fact, this is the first one of 2011! Woo!!

Site: Japan Cinema
Bloody Reunion – Review
Submitted By: Japan Cinema

Site: My Film Habit
Shivering With Fright
Submitted by: My Film Habit

Site Name: The Jaded Viewer
Top 10 Horror Movies of 2010
Submitted By: The Jaded Viewer

Site Name: The Girl Who Loves Horror
My Conundrum About Funny Games
Submitted By: Forced Viewing

Site Name: Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Amer: Sexual-eye-zed
Submitted By: Matt-suzaka

Site Name: Paracinema
Colony: Nu Grindhouse?
Submitted By: Matt-suzaka

Site Name: Cold Fusion Video Reviews
On a Dark and Stormy Night (2010)
Submitted By: Cold Fusion Video Reviews

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