Pitch the LAMB: Family and the Holidays

by Courtney · January 5, 2011 · Pitch the LAMB · No Comments
Hello, CS here with the submissions for our latest edition of the Pitch the LAMB series. Big thanks to those who took the time to send in a pitch. Before we get to the three pitches, here is a reminder of the movie genre and words/phrases

Movie Genre: Family and the Holidays

10 words/phrases to get you started:

  1. There is something you should know about my family…
  2. Why does the tree smell like the sewer?
  3. Drunk Santa
  4. I thought you got the gift for dad.
  5. Uncle Joe
  6. You always preferred Michelle over me, mother!
  7. Turkey
  8. The mall is closing in an hour!
  9. Cousin Francis is a…
  10. I think the dog just ate Mable’s…

The Pitches:

Ever wonder what things would be like if a family of elves gave up the magic of toy making in order to experience the holidays like normal human beings?

Deadly Serious presents “On the Last Day of Christmas”

Think your family is odd? Well considering that the family in this pitch has to deal with issues of continual rebirth…your family might not be that bad after all.

Does Writing Excuse Watching? presentsHome for the Holidays, Act 1

In this brief pitch, it is up to a fallen piece of turkey breast to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Java’s Journey presentsIt’s Alive

The next film genre will be announced in the coming days. Previous Pitch the LAMB submissions can be found in the archive secton.


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