Pitch the LAMB: Mistaken Identity

by Courtney · March 14, 2011 · Pitch the LAMB · No Comments

Hello, CS here with the latest edition of our Pitch the LAMB series.

Movie Genre: Mistaken Identity

Examples of the Genre: The Big Lebowski; Red Rock West; North by Northwest; Trading Places; The Great Dictator; Being There; The Parent Trap; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; While You Were Sleeping; Splitting Heir, Lost Highway; Six Degrees of Seperation; Hero; The Man with One Red Shoe; The Secret of My Success .

10 words/phrases to get you started:

  1. Honestly Jim, you’ve got to believe me…
  2. Rex Banner
  3. I can get use to this
  4. Why do you keep calling me….
  5. Wanted
  6. So how do we fix this?
  7. If you are not who we think you are…then why do you need a gun?
  8. Rockerfeller
  9. I just need more time to…
  10. You are the only one I can trust…

As always, your job is to come up with an idea for a film pitch. If you have problems coming up with an idea, use some of the words/phrases listed above to get you started. Once you have a plot idea, post it on your blog in any fashion you choose (e.g. plot synopsis, excerpt of a script, fictional trailer, fictional film review, movie poster, etc.) and email the link to bigthoughtssmallmind@hotmail.com.Simple as that! The deadline for submissions is Thursday April 7, 2011.

Previous pitches can be found in the Pitch the LAMB archive section.

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