The 4th Annual LION Awards: Best Ensemble Cast

by Rachel · February 22, 2011 · LIONs for LAMB · 6 Comments

Welcome back to the 4th Annual LION Awards. Today’s award goes to Best Ensemble Cast. And with 40 voters, here are your Top 5 picks:

5. The Kids Are All Right – 37 points

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – 48 points

3. The Fighter – 59 points

2. Inception – 93 points

1. The Social Network – 96 points

Tomorrow will kick off the lead acting awards with Best Lead Actress. Stay tuned.


6 Responses to The 4th Annual LION Awards: Best Ensemble Cast

  1. Jason H. says:

    In that picture for Inception, Michael Caine is the luckiest man in the world.

    That is all.

  2. Robert says:

    Haha! Jason’s comment made me laugh. But I’m happy with this category, “Scott Pilgrim” was an amazing ensemble!!!

  3. Andy Buckle says:

    No The King’s Speech here. Surprising. It really is a two man show, though. I’m all for The Social Network taking this out!

  4. Tom Clift says:

    Disappointed, although not suprised, that my first pick PREDATORS didn’t make the cut. I know most people didn’t like that film as much as I, but I don’t think any cast played it so straight, or so well off of each other this entire year

  5. cinemasights says:

    No True Grit? Aw, come on!

    That bearskin doctor is way more awesomer than the entire cast of Inception.

  6. Nikhat says:

    Forget “critically” or whatever, just speaking as a girl, TSN’s cast is up there man.
    But very good list.

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