The 4th Annual LION Awards: Best Supporting Actor

by Rachel · February 21, 2011 · LIONs for LAMB · 7 Comments

Today’s LION Award goes to Best Supporting Actor. With a total of 44 votes, here are the Top 5 of 2010:

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) – 35 points

4. Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech) – 57 points

3. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) – 79 points

2. John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone) – 82 points

1. Christian Bale (The Fighter) – 89 points

Tomorrow’s LION Award will go to Best Ensemble Cast…


7 Responses to The 4th Annual LION Awards: Best Supporting Actor

  1. Tom Clift says:

    Disappointed that my pick only came third, but I’m very pleasantly surprised to see John Hawkes ranked so highly

  2. Andy Buckle says:

    Andrew Garfield, Mark Ruffalo and John Hawkes delivered my three favorite supporting performances of the year. Glad to see at least two of them were recognized here!

  3. blake says:

    Is the LAMB Chops feature dead? If so, I’m willing to revive it if no one else wants to do it.

  4. It’s not dead. Most of the features are taking a break so as not to overshadow LAMB Devours the Oscars. This time next week, everything will be back to normal.

  5. Nikhat says:

    Except Hawkes, in whose place I would have Ruffalo- this is perfect

  6. Rachel says:

    For anyone supporting Ruffalo: he was just behind JoGo in 6th place with 27 points.

  7. blake says:

    Oh good. Glad to hear it.

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