PRESS RELEASE: Killer View (aka Snuffed)

by Rachel · April 7, 2011 · Press Release · No Comments

I am writing to introduce you to the film, Killer View (aka Snuffed). Never before have I seen a low budget film done with such an unbelievable sense of professionalism.

This documentary-styled film showcases a journalist given the rare opportunity to interview a serial killer not in captivity. Filmed to keep the killer’s identity anonymous, the journalist explores every facet of the self-proclaimed “professional’s” psyche. Spliced throughout the dialogue between the two are scenes from one of the terrifying snuff films created by the killer himself, perfectly elaborating on his brilliantly written responses throughout the interview.

This is an incredibly realistic portrayal of a serial killer. He is not some glamorized, outwardly psychotic figure, but rather a seemingly logical, careful individual who is so composed that you begin to rationalize, almost approve, his heinous acts. Rarely do I side with a heel after initially despising him so much. Check out the trailer here:

Killer View (aka Snuffed) was Directed/Written by Brian O’Connell, Produced by Michael Colton (Founder of Crestwood Films), and Executive Produced by Stephen Nemeth, President of Rhino Films (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, etc.). It premiered at the American Film Institute’s Dallas International Film Festival, where it’s first reviewer called it the “best horror film since the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Top horror site, Arrow In The Head, gave the movie a coveted 4-star rating. Additionally, one of the leading industry magazines, Indie Slate, published an article about Colton’s experiences while producing the film. A North American distribution agreement with Grindstone/Lionsgate Entertainment has recently been secured, with the movie scheduled to be released later this year.

I would love to send you a physical copy of Killer View (aka Snuffed), with the hopes of getting it reviewed on your site. Both you and your readership need to experience the emotional volatility that I did while watching this.

Please send your mailing address to and I will get a screener out to you asap.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Christopher Gesualdi

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