Shepherd’s Bye

by Jay Cluitt · January 17, 2024 · Announcements, News, News, Press Release, Shepherds Pie · No Comments

Hi folks, you may have noticed there have been fewer and fewer posts by me, Jay, the LAMB Shepherd, recently. And by recently I mean the past few years. And by few, I mean, like, four or five. Sorry about that. Life and other projects have gotten in the way of me being an adequate or, frankly even present, Shepherd for such a wonderful flock, and as such I’ve decided to hang up my crook and pass the symbolic Farmer Hoggett flat cap and wellington boots on to a new Shepherd.

You know him, you love him, Lambcast host Richard Kirkham has been strongarmed into accepting the position, effective immediately. In fact, it’s effective as of a couple of days ago, as I’ve kept up my tradition of taking at least a couple of extra days to finish (or start) writing anything for this site (or indeed my own). This means that any of you new LAMBs with pending applications should hopefully see yourselves processed and added to the flock soon, and who knows what other plans Richard may have for the site in the future.

I’ve had a wonderful time being your Shepherd, but I can only apologise for how few of my grand plans actually came to fruition. I took on the role mainly because I wanted to keep this site and community, through which I’ve made so many friends (and comparatively very few enemies), going, but I had very little knowledge of website maintenance, which might explain how frequently the site crashed during my tenure! I’m not disappearing for good though, all being well Lambpardy will eventually return – there’s twelve-thirteenths of a tournament to complete, plus a champion of champions game that at least two people are very much looking forward to (or dreading, speaking personally) – and I’ll remain on hand to assist Richard whenever he may require me. Speaking of which, huge thanks to the likes of Dylan, Joel, Lindsay, Todd, Tony, Robert, Rob and I’m sure many others of you for helping in one way or another over the years. If anyone reading this has any ideas for Richard or wants to help maintain the site in any way, I’m sure he’d be all too happy to hear your thoughts. Anyway, that’s quite enough from me, I’ll leave you in Richard’s capable hands. So long, and thanks for all the fish.