March to Box Office Madness 2011 Final Results – UPDATE!

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In fact, we have TWO winners!

I don’t know if my scoring system for this tournament is ingenious or idiotic, but suffice it to say that it’s all in Excel and is dependent on formulas. Makes it great and easy in that I don’t have to manually add anything…but there’s one major flaw in the setup: it’s dependent on everyone copying & pasting and/or using the exact lettering that I have for the film titles. I try to go in at the beginning of the season and clean ’em up, but (of course), I miss some. And in this case, a big one!

Nicholas R. also scored 72 points, to tie Nick J. On top of that, they tied with the tie-breaker, too, so we truly have co-champions. Congrats to all people named Nick or Nicholas in the tournament!

So…look closely at your entry and the master – if you see any errors, you have two more days to let me know. Thanks, and I apologize for the error!

To view the final bracket in PDF form, click here (or if you wish to save, do a “Save Target As”):

Here are the updated standings:

Nick 72
Nicholas R. 72
Fraser T. 70
Josh L. 70
George A. 70
Ryan S. 66
Chase K. 66
CS 65
Blake 65
Scott K. 63
Castor 62
Dylan 61
Steven C. 59
Red 58
Jess 58
Carl P. 58
Sebastian G. 57
Atroxion 57
Colin ‘Fitz’ B. 56
Keith (Kano) K. 56
Sarah S. 53
Peter B. 53
Emily Z. 50
Justin G. 49
Cody Y. 49
Miso I. 49
Scot N. 49
Jen S. 47
John J. 47
Rich 46
Kai P. 46
Daniel 42
Olivia D. 40
J. Wayne H. 40
Cheryl M. 38
Kevyn K. 32
Dodge This! 32
Clara M. 19

All box office data from Box Office Mojo.

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