March to Box Office Madness 2011 Final Results

by Shep. Burman · August 25, 2011 · Uncategorized · 5 Comments

We have a winner! Some six months later, the spring/summer box office season can finally be declared finished, and with it, the March to Box Office Madness 2011 game.

As usual, it was a tight race all the way down to the wire, as we had four individuals that absolutely crushed this. But it did come down to one winner, and that person did so by scoring a whopping 72 out of a possible 76 points, correctly predicting all but one matchup!

Your winner is…NICK JOBE! Congrats, Nick!

Last year’s champ, Justin G., ironically tallied the same number of points as 2009’s winner (Wayne) scored last year (49). Make sense? Probably not. In other words, look forward to scoring 49 points next year, Nick. Congrats also go out to the three folks that tied for 2nd place, with 70 points (Fraser T., Josh L., and George A.).

As for the prizes, I was remiss and never posted a solid list of what they were and how they broke down. Here’s the skinny on what I offered previously:

* From me, a $25 to AMC theaters, a Scene It!, the DVD game, and a brand new t-shirt of insignificant value from my stack of new t-shirts.

In addition, I put out the call for prize pack help, and here’s what I got from a few awesome LAMBs:

* From Jess, a few gently used DVDs, including Fargo, Burn After Reading, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Master and Commander, and The Da Vinci Code.

* From Blake, gently used (watched once) review screeners of Jack Goes Boating and Stone on BluRay.

* From This Guy Over Here, a copy of his 247-page interactive eBook, “100 Films From the Aughties.” See more info here:

I will work out the prize distribution with Nick, Fraser, Josh, and George.

To view the final bracket in PDF form, click here (or if you wish to save, do a “Save Target As”):

Here are the complete and final standings; if you think I’ve made an error, be sure to let me know within three (3) days of this post. Due to the possibility of an error, prizes will not be sent until such time has passed. Click here to read all about the game.

Finally – THANKS FOR PLAYING! I look forward to doing it again next year.

Nick 72
Fraser T. 70
Josh L. 70
George A. 70
Ryan S. 66
Nicholas R. 66
Chase K. 66
CS 65
Blake 65
Scott K. 63
Castor 62
Dylan 61
Steven C. 59
Red 58
Jess 58
Carl P. 58
Sebastian G. 57
Atroxion 57
Colin ‘Fitz’ B. 56
Keith (Kano) K. 56
Sarah S. 53
Peter B. 53
Emily Z. 50
Justin G. 49
Cody Y. 49
Miso I. 49
Scot N. 49
Jen S. 47
John J. 47
Rich 46
Kai P. 46
Daniel 42
Olivia D. 40
J. Wayne H. 40
Cheryl M. 38
Kevyn K. 32
Dodge This! 32
Clara M. 19

All box office data from Box Office Mojo.

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5 Responses to March to Box Office Madness 2011 Final Results

  1. Kano says:

    AH, SHOOT! Congrats, Nick!

  2. Josh L. says:

    Congrats Nick. Definitely looks like it was a tight race between us four.

  3. Nick says:

    Hell yeah! I never even come close in these things. That’s awesome! And congrats to the others, too!

  4. CS says:

    Congrats Nick and the rest of the top four.

    While I am content with my top eight placing, I will like to officially shake my fist at Cars 2. Way to drop the ball Lightening McQueen…way to drop the ball.

  5. Nolahn says:

    I’m not in the bottom 10 this time — progress!

    Congrats, Nick — that was a very impressive display by the top four.

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