Leaderboard Updated for September

by Rachel · October 3, 2011 · LAMB Leaderboard · 4 Comments

365 Horror Movie edged out last month’s leader, newish LAMB Never Too Early Movie Predictions for the top spot in September.

Again we have six new/returning entrants to the board and still at 20% of the leaderboard being populated with the generic LAMB Banner. Send me your personalized LAMB Banners to get that percentage lower.

Speaking of LAMB Banners, there are no new ones to be added to the Gallery/random banner widget. This shocking! I’ve been runnin’ this joint for almost a year now and this is a first for me. Want yours in there? Just send it to me. More details on that here.


4 Responses to Leaderboard Updated for September

  1. Joel Burman says:

    I better start clicking those lamb banners of mine next month so I’ll get back on the podium. hahahah

  2. A hardy congratulations to 365 Horror Movie!

    A little sad that there’s no new banners. I love checking them out.

    But on the good side Rachel, it means a little bit less work for you this month! Thanks for all you do!

  3. Duke says:

    Nicely done guys.

  4. I’ve been meaning to make a banner… I will!

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