Reminder: LAMB Acting School 101 – Kate Winslet

by Courtney · October 22, 2011 · Acting School · 1 Comment
CS, of Big Thoughts from a Small Mind, here reminding you of our latest edition of LAMB Acting School 101! Each month we will highlight a different actor/actress whose performances, for better or worse, have left a mark on the cinematic landscape. This time we look at…
Kate Winslet

What we need from you:
  • Articles on her best performances
  • Articles on her worst performances
  • General thoughts (e.g. random articles, top ten lists, artwork, etc) on the actress
  • Links to podcasts where you have discussed her work
  • Reviews of the films the actress has appeared in
  • Any material you have written in the past on this actress

Once you have the material posted on your blog, send the link to always multiple submissions are encouraged. The deadline for submissions is Saturday October 29, 2011.


One Response to Reminder: LAMB Acting School 101 – Kate Winslet

  1. ruth says:

    I just sent you some links, CS. One of them is still in the works, it’ll be up sometime on Sunday. Thanks!

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