Who Are LAMB #5 – Results

by Rachel · November 24, 2011 · Uncategorized · 3 Comments

Participation was way down from last year’s round of Who Are Lamb? despite the vast increase in members, but I still want to thank the 88 members who spent their five minutes taking the survey.

The biggest age difference was the increase of minors (6% jump), a small 1% decrease of ladies out there writing, a small jump in GLBT writers (4%), more singles, fewer white folks, but a lot more Americans (10% jump). Details below:

As for the additional information, the most represented U.S. states are New York (8), California (7) and Illinois (6) and most of our European LAMBs are in the U.K. (8).

As for what do we all do “for real” here are the answers given, in the order received:

data monkey, editor/graphic designer at a university, intern, business consultant for a business software company, general education coordinator, bored office drone, broadcast television, sports journalist, work in publishing, run a photography business/train to be a divemaster, sales, lawyer, proposal writer, enjoy life, printer, office assistant, freelance writer/editor, student, college student/graphic designer, communications for a contemporary dance school and theatre and as a freelance journalist for various cultural publications, student, self-employed, high school student, write reviews on both films and music while working on a screenplay, college professor, production manager and producer in tv and film, working with pr/media relations, sr interactive designer, full time student, archaeologist, sell movie collectibles online, filmmaker, work part time at local cinema, but split my time between work, writing and studying freelance journalism, book publicist, accountant, government relations, high school student, purchasing, museum shop supervisor, independent filmmaker’s marketing assistant, artist, on a sabbatical from project management, college professor/administrator, English teacher, marketing by day; write about film by night, graphic designer and illustrator, legal assistant, university student studying philosophy and economics, student, graduate student, working for the city, teaching math and sciences, occasionally working at an art gallery, in the process of applying to graduate school, student, writer/producer of internal informational/promotional videos and newsletters for a private university, independent contractor, IT support, freelance writer, social worker/case manager, computer repairs, exports – furniture hardware, college student, a student who is marginally getting compensated for his thoughts on all things cinematic, unemployed, copywriter for a website developer, an editor/writer, work in a store, student in 11th grade, software support/training, graphic designer, freelance writing and art, web designer, 10th grade English teacher, freelance writer, English teacher, newspaper designer, library evening supervisor and retail employee, college educator, civil servant, community ccollege professor, college student, foster care caseworker, student, retail supervisor, art teacher, recreation director for a church, kennel technician, public relations coordinator for a nonprofit online museum

Again thank you to all who participated. And if you’re celebrating the holiday in the U.S., have a Happy Turkey Day (and a safe Black Friday)!


3 Responses to Who Are LAMB #5 – Results

  1. JoelB says:

    Cool to see the results. I’m very mainstream myself ending up in most majority answers.

    Could you in the next edition of this poll include a question on which blog host the Lambs are using.

    I find it interesting to see how the shares between WordPress.com, Selfhosted WP and Blogger stand.

    Great work in summarizing the info!

  2. Interesting to see what makes up the LAMB. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Thanks for doing this Rachel. It’s interesting to see who we’re talking to!

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