The LAMB Devours the Oscars

by Rachel · January 12, 2012 · LAMB Devours the Oscars · 3 Comments

LAMB Devours the Oscars is almost here! If you weren’t a member last year, here’s a little summary of what goes on: I will take up to 33 volunteers to write posts that will be featured daily on the LAMB from the time the nominees are announced (Jan. 24th) up to the day before the actually ceremony (Feb. 26th). You can do a review of the films, general discussion of the nominees, backstory/history on the category itself, give your predictions, etc. Whatever you like. Click here to check out some previous articles. What we end up with (hopefully) is a diverse, excellently-written daily series celebrating Hollywood’s biggest night.

This year will play out differently though. In the past, 23 LAMBs did write-ups for each category except Best Picture, and all the Best Picture nominees got their own post, which totaled 33 LAMBs contributing to this feature. Since there are not a guaranteed 10 Best Picture nominees anymore, I’m asking for volunteers, but clearly stating now that some of you may not get used. So I’m asking for 33 volunteers, but warning that 5 may have to sit out. Please let me know in your email if you’re willing to back out if not needed. You may also include the nomination category you would like to cover, but please keep in mind that if you volunteer to contribute a post, you may end up with one of the lesser known categories. Also this is a first come, first served feature and now we’re over 1200 members with only 28 to 33 available spots. So if you’re interested in taking part this year, please email me at Serious interest only please, as we can’t have empty days.

We will have to wait to see how many Best Picture nominees there are before we know exactly when to start. If there are 10 (unlikely) we will be starting on the day of the nominations and ending on the day before the show. I will need some brave souls to do their write-ups early to make sure we start on time and continue each day.