LAMB of the Month and Shepherd’s Pie [January]

by Joel · February 12, 2012 · LAMB of the Month, Shepherds Pie · 11 Comments

Hey fellow lamb’s after being appointed the new Shepherd of the community I have decided to add a monthly feature on the lamb where I’ll have a chance to say thank you to a fellow lamb member that has done something good recently. It can be both blogging- and community wise. The main criteria is of course activities relating to the lamb.   

The idea came about after Dan suggested a similar feature on the lamb forum. However, I have decided to go the Sauron route on this one and decide myself who will get the call out rather than doing a poll. However, you are of course encouraged to nominate fellow lambs or even yourself by e-mailing me.

So over to the first recipient Bonjour Tristesse who actually made my day over at the lamb forum by plowing through the first 900 lamb members sites compiling a list on “dead” and “moved” lambs. This was something I was going to out source after lambs devour Oscars but it was a great surprise to get an update on the first 900 sites without even asking for it to kick it off.

I also want to encourage interaction through our community and what could be a better way than calling out a lamb that actually took the time visit 900 sites mainly out of curiosity because Bonjour Tristesse wanted to broaden his blogging horizon.

Here are some of the LAMB’s that Bonjour referred to me as really good sites he wasn’t aware of before journeying to the outer LAMB rim…

#139 Film Noir of the Week
#148 Retrospace
#182 The Seventh Art
#252 Action Flick Chick
#271 Chained and Perfumed
#322 Riku Writes
#329 Goregirl’s Dungeon
#340 The Scandy Factory

Podcast Episode of the Month
If you know me you probably know the amount of podcasts I plow on a daily basis and I thought I’d embed an episode in here from the previous month that I found to be really entertaining and insightful. For now I’ll include all podcasting LAMB’s but in the future I’ll limit it for LAMB podcasting members only. So if you are a podcasting LAMB but not a member of the network make sure to join here.

The january 2012 episode is a podcasting veteran that made a brief comeback with a best of 2011 show. I give you the Simon and Jo show… Enjoy!

The LAMB Referral Leaderboard
On these posts I’ll also compile a leader board of new lamb referrals, it will be based from the new lambs I’ve been adding and onward.

A Life Going Through Movies 1
Movie Mavericks 1
Man I Love Films 1

Thats all for now, let me know what you think of this feature and make sure to get your votes in for the 5th annual Lion for LAMB’s poll its probably the closest we have to our own academy awards ceremony! 

Thanks for reading!

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11 Responses to LAMB of the Month and Shepherd’s Pie [January]

  1. Tom Clift says:

    Excellent new feature Joel. The more we can do to get the community bustling, the better

  2. Joel Burman says:

    Thanks Tom! Are you back from Europe now???

  3. Tom Clift says:

    Yep, just got back a couple of days ago. Still very jetlagged!

  4. Joel Burman says:

    I get that, especially if travelling with a facehugger on you. =) Someone should design sleep mask with that design.

  5. Wow thanks Joel, I feel honored to be selected for this. I sense more great things are in store for the LAMB with you at the helm.

  6. Very nice. VERY nice.

    BT – TOTALLY worthy.

  7. amy says:

    Good stuff, Joel. And OMG, having to go through 900 links – I totally feel, Bonjour Tristesse. Great job for taking one for the LAMB. xD

  8. LAMB Admin says:

    Bonjour: Believe me its well deserved! I could and should also have mentioned the fact that you are incredible helpful in the LAMBforums when it comes to everything blog related like SEO and widget stuff just to mention some. Its really appreciated,

  9. Very good new feature!
    I’m also very happy for Bonjour Tristesse because I think he really deserves this honour! A hardworker who constantly reviews relevant films and more obscure entries!

  10. Great new feature and an EXCELLENT inaugural choice. In addition to his great work in the forums, he’s recently done some excellent work looking at the foreign language submissions to the Oscars from many countries, as well as some great coverage on what is going on at Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival.

  11. simoncolumb says:

    Joel – I only just managed to see this! I’m so sorry to not have seen it sooner. Such kind words! Thanks for the link!

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