The 5th Annual LION Awards: Introduction/Best Documentary Film

by Rachel · February 17, 2012 · LIONs for LAMB · 10 Comments
Welcome to the LIONs! For the next ten days results for the following categories will be presented daily (one per day) with the LAMBs’ Top 10 Films arriving the day of the 84th Academy Awards:

Best Documentary

Best Foreign Film (non-English)
Best Screenplay
Best Performance by a Supporting Female
Best Performance by a Supporting Male
Best Performance by a Leading Female
Best Performance by a Leading Male
Best Director
Bottom Five Films of the Year
Top 10 Films of the Year
Many thanks go out to the 47 total eligible voters!

Our first award for presentation is for Best Documentary Film, and the results look almost nothing like the Oscar nominees. Your Top 5 Documentaries for 2011 are…

5. Pina (17 points)
4. Bill Cunningham New York (20 points)

3. Project Nim (23 points)

2. Cave of Forgotten Dreams (33 points)

1. Senna (57 points)

Come back tomorrow for Best Foreign Language Film.


10 Responses to The 5th Annual LION Awards: Introduction/Best Documentary Film

  1. Shep. Burman says:

    Well no suprise there really. However, I do think the Oscar snub was due to eligibility and release dates rather than quality.

  2. Jessica says:

    For me it was a toss-up between Senna and This is Not a Film. I’m surprised This is Not a Film didn’t make it at all into the list but perhaps there are just too few people who have seen it.

  3. Great list. It appears the Lamb doesn’t go for all those serious issues the same way Oscars do!

    I’m looking forward to reading all the results over the next week!

  4. Sam Fragoso says:

    I guess The Interrupters wasn’t evocative enough for everyone.

    And Jessica … I think everyone would love to see THIS IS NOT A FILM … unfortunately, it’s hard to track down.

    Then there’s Senna … a film I never could support.

    Still haven’t gotten around to Cave of Forgotten Dreams. But after James’ review … I’m not quite sure.

    Nicely done everyone. Just wondering … what qualifies one to be an elgible voter?

    Keep up the great work guys.

  5. Andrew says:

    Honestly, I think Senna is far too partisan and that Kapadia’s really begging the question as far as getting the audience to accept his perspective on his subject matter goes. “He’s great because he’s great” seems to be the basis of the film’s argument. It’s not bad per se, but not very persuasive and never as emotionally resonant as it should be.

    I liked Cave but didn’t love it– it’s not Herzog’s best, though it’s quite good– but I really fell head over heels for Beats, Rhymes, & Life, though I seem to be the only one.

  6. Shep. Burman says:

    Sam: Waht have you got against Senna? I can’t find a review at your place…

    Eligible Voter? We have sent out announcements and numerous reminders on both the site and Twitter. I’m actually perplexed that you haven’t been reached by it which I assume is your subtext.

    My only suggestion can be to follow the LAMB site closer. I’d actually suggest reading it through RSS might be the best way.

  7. Sam Fragoso says:

    Hmm … I must’ve missed it.

    My fault. I’d love to contribute.

  8. Rachel says:

    By “eligible voter” I meant current LAMBs at the time of the poll. You’d be amazed how many non-LAMBs try to vote in these things. This time we only had two, but at last year’s Lammys, it was like 20.

    And The Interrupters did get votes, just not enough in the higher ranking slots to end up in the Top 5.

  9. MrJeffery says:

    loved ‘bill cunningham new york.’ glad it made the list!

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