The 5th Annual LION Awards: Introduction/Best Documentary Film

by Rachel · February 17, 2012 · LIONs for LAMB · 10 Comments
Welcome to the LIONs! For the next ten days results for the following categories will be presented daily (one per day) with the LAMBs’ Top 10 Films arriving the day of the 84th Academy Awards:

Best Documentary

Best Foreign Film (non-English)
Best Screenplay
Best Performance by a Supporting Female
Best Performance by a Supporting Male
Best Performance by a Leading Female
Best Performance by a Leading Male
Best Director
Bottom Five Films of the Year
Top 10 Films of the Year
Many thanks go out to the 47 total eligible voters!

Our first award for presentation is for Best Documentary Film, and the results look almost nothing like the Oscar nominees. Your Top 5 Documentaries for 2011 are…

5. Pina (17 points)
4. Bill Cunningham New York (20 points)

3. Project Nim (23 points)

2. Cave of Forgotten Dreams (33 points)

1. Senna (57 points)

Come back tomorrow for Best Foreign Language Film.