LAMB Acting School 101: Samantha Morton

by Courtney · March 26, 2012 · Acting School · No Comments

CS, of Big Thoughts from a Small Mind, here with all the submissions for our LAMB Acting School 101 feature on Samantha Morton. Huge thanks to all the sites that took the time to send in their posts.

Articles, Podcasts, Artwork, and Lists

Never Too Early Movie Predictions highlights several of Samantha Morton’s upcoming films.

Jenny of Big Thoughts from a Small Mind takes a closer look at Morton’s work in Minority Report.

Mary, from Missemmamm, explores three films that Morton starred in.


Code 46
Tips from Chip
Surrender to the Void

The Messenger
Cinema Paradox
Big Thoughts from a Small Mind
Foolish Blatherings
Marshall and the Movies

Synecdoche, New York
Foolish Blatherings
Surrender to the Void

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Cinematic Corner
Foolish Blatherings

Jesus’ Son
Surrender to the Void

Defiant Success
Surrender to the Void

Movern Callar
Surrender to the Void

Minority Report
Defiant Success

In America
Defiant Success

John Carter
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews

Next month’s LAMB Acting School 101 subject will be Marlon Brando! If you would like to see your favourite actor/actress highlighted in this series, be sure to add their name to the list in the forum section of The LAMB. or email your suggestion to

Past actors/actresses featured in this column can be found in the LAMB Acting School 101 Archives.


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