LAMB of the Month February!

by Shep. Burman · March 2, 2012 · LAMB of the Month · 7 Comments

Hey fellow lamb’s its that time a month again when I get the chance to call out one of our LAMB members. As usual this monthly award goes to a member that recently have done a lot of good for the LAMB community.
This months recipient is one of the first new LAMBs I got to add to the LAMB rooster.

Jason has been all over the place after joining the LAMB, commenting on blogs, taking on double LAMB devours the Oscar posts etc. I really wanted to highlight that kind of interactivity from a new member and with that in mind Jason is the perfect choice.

I’m also proud to announce that Jason will be re-booting our trailer preview feature Trailer Talk Thursday. More details on that in this months Shepherd’s Pie post.

Podcast Episode of the Month

The podcast episode of the month comes from the MILFcast who did an awesome show on the indie feature “The Pill” by having the director J.C Khoury on as their guest.

The LAMB Referral Leaderboard
On these posts I’ll also compile a leader board of new lamb referrals, it will be based from the new lambs I’ve been adding and onward.

A Life Going Through Movies 1
Movie Mavericks 1
Man I Love Films 1
Movie Star Makeover 1
The Lady Eve’s Reel Life 1

Thats all for now, don’t forget to vote on the poll in the left sidebar if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading!

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7 Responses to LAMB of the Month February!

  1. Sam Fragoso says:

    Nicely done Jason. Keep up the productivity.

  2. TheVern says:

    Thank you Thank you times 500 trillion. This is really too cool for words. I got home late to write a quick article on my blog that will be posting soon when I decided to check out the Lamb I noticed this. WOW. Thank you very much Yes I will begin the Trailer Trash Thursday Section Next Week. I promise.

  3. TheVern says:

    btw Jason is my real name but none of my friends call me that. They have been calling me Vern or The Vern since I was in High School, and it has stuck ever since, but feel free to use what ever name you want.

  4. Congratulations Vern!

    Looks like I have a new blog to check out.

  5. Congrats to Vern! I will be following your blog!

  6. Eric says:

    Nice job, Vern! Just added your blog to my reader. 🙂

  7. Congrats man, keep up the good work!! 😀

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