The Netflix Game #3

by Jason Soto · April 28, 2012 · The Netflix Game · 27 Comments

Last week’s game was interesting. People had a harder time getting the mediums than the hards! I thought I made the hards, well, hard. But I guess in a way this game is subjective, so what do I know? Besides the answers. Speaking of, here are last week’s answers:

1. Two idiots must pass a high school exam or else the future is doomed!-Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
2. A space farmer must save the girl and stop an evil warlord!-Star Wars

1. A small guy makes tries to turn a business around while facing off a rich guy.-Roadhouse
2. Two local heroes become national stars but things go horribly wrong.-Wayne’s World

1. He’s back! Look out teenage ladies!-Halloween
2. Some unpopular kids try to fit in at their school.-Revenge of the Nerds

And your updated scoreboard:
Squasher88, Dan, Bubbawheat-3
Kano, Alex-2
Joel, Lackey-1

Gah, even in this new incarnation, Nick is kicking everyone’s ass. Well, let’s see how this week goes.

1. A nerdy kid meets a bug and suddenly he’s cool.
2. It’s up to these four guys to save New York!

1. This play isn’t going very well.
2. Musicians are reunited to save the place they grew up in!

1. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he must save her!
2. It’s the ’80s! Do a lot of coke and try to get back where we belong!

Please leave your guesses in the comments by telling me which one you’re are guessing. For example Hard 1, Medium 2, etc. Answers are on a first come basis. If anyone who has gotten points in the past aren’t happy with the names I used, please tell me what name you’d like to go by, even if it’s your website. Any other questions, leave them in the comments.

Good luck!