Trailer Trash Tuesday 04/17/2012

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Good Morning my fellow lammies.

I don’t know about you, but it has been getting cold these last few days up here in the north where I hail from. This would not be a big deal except that last month we were getting into 80 degree weather. Now were back down to 35 degrees. With changes in climate like this, I’m glad I can head to a theatre once in a while to help keep warm. This week we got a new slew of trailers that I hope will keep you at just the right temperature.

Note*** As always I will cover two main releases and two independent ones.

Looper.  Release Date 09/28/2012

Director Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon Levitt(“Brick“) re team with co-stars Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt in this very interesting Sci-Fi film. Gordon Levitt is a looper, an assassin from the past who kills criminals sent to him from the future. He has never missed a target once but complications arrive when his future self(played by Bruce Willis) is sent to him. I really could not tell from the trailer how well both actors portray the same role, but I am very intrigued to see this. Rian Johnson has a great visual style and this looks to be one of the most original movies coming out this year.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything.  Release Date 06/08/2012.(U.K.)

Simon Pegg is a former children’s author who now writes crime fiction. When his inner demons surface from his past. He must find the courage to defeat them once and for all. This has a very distinct style from first time directors Crispin Mills and Chris Hopewell.  It looks like if Terry Gilliam(“Brazil“) and  Jean Pierre Jeunet(“The City of Lost Children“) met and decided to create a hybrid director.  This is quite a risk for a big studio such as Universal to take a chance on, but I hope it pays off.  There really does need to be more original stories like this in theatres again.

Lovely Molly. Release Date 05/18/2012

A woman and her husband move into her deceased dad’s house and immediately begins being haunted by spirits that of course only she can see. This horror movie is from director Eduardo Sanchez who created the first found footage movie with “The Blair Witch Project“. This looks pretty decent although I doubt it will reinvent the genre like it says it will. It does however remind me of “Repulsion” with Catherine Deneuve which make me a bit more interested to check this one out.

Penumbra. Release Date 04/20/2012(Itunes, Amazon Streaming)

A women rents her apartment to a couple and then finds out they are part of a tribe of Satan worshipers. I guess she forgot to a full background check, but at least they paid in advance so that’s good. With small amounts of “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Suspiria” slightly mixed in. This doesn’t look all that bad. It looks like one of those horror movies that takes their time with the scares and I fully support that.

What do you think of this week’s entries? Do you have a suggestion for a trailer I should be discussing? Let me know in the comments below or write me an email at [email protected] See you next week.

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