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Hello Lammies.



It’s been quite a while since I posted something here, and I’m afraid it may be even longer til I post another one.  I am sorry but right now I work two jobs and I barely have enough time to write for my own blog, much less write for this one too.    The 2013 Lammy awards are on their way soon and unless you have been living under a rock I hope you got out there and voted for your favorite movie websites.  I deeply apologize to those whose home is actually under a rock.  I did not mean to sound like you were idiots.  

Summer  is upon us and that means it’s time for the big blockbusters , but this year it looks a little different.  There almost seems to be more indie movies being released than previous summers.  By indie I mean movies that cost less than the usual ones with bigger budgets .   Of all the movies being released this season only twenty of them are big blockbusters.  Of those twenty, only five or less will end up becoming great hits.   Indie movies on the other hand should have a much better shot at becoming bigger, because there are more of them being released.  But I doubt big movie theatre chains like Regal and AMC will play the trailers for them in front of the more bigger movies .  That is why I am here.  To  give you folks the best in trailer treatment.  So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this week’s tasty trailer tidbits.

Byzantium. 06/28/2013

A mother and daughter become hunted by the residents of a coastal town when it is discovered that they are vampires. This tale of blood suckers is being directed by Neil Jordan who also gave us “Interview with the Vampire” and based on the trailer. I am very interested to watch this. Saorise Ronan and Gemma Arterton are perfectly cast as the leads and this one look more authentic than other supernatural teen love stories.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 11/22/2013

I know in the past I have blamed the writer of the first one for ripping off the basic story of “Battle Royale“. However it is very clear that in this sequel they are doing something radically different with this story. The cast looks good(Especially Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jennifer Lawrence) and I am really interested to see this one more than I was the first one. This is a perfect summer blockbuster. I am a bit surprised it’s being released so late

The Way Way Back. 07/13/2013

Yes it’s another story of a shy awkward teen who learns to love himself and eventually get the girl all while during summer vacation. I love seeing “Little Miss Sunshine“cast members Toni Collete and Steve Carell reunite again. I can’t say for sure that I love this. The movie looks a little too generic for me to even care about.

 Elysium. 08/09/2013

In the future all of the rich and privileged get to live in a utopia called Elysium while everyone else gets left behind on Earth which has become a dystopian wasteland.  Matt Damon plays a citizen who decides to break into that other world.  He does it with a cool looking, but I’m sure extremely painful  to install body weapon/armour of some kind.  This is the newest effort from Neil Blomkamp who in 2009 gave us the really cool flick “District 9“.  His movies seem to infuse social political issues with sci-fi action.  I am looking forward to this.

Much Ado About Nothing. 06/07/2013

This is the international trailer that I wish. I wish wish wish, really, hoping, wishing, if something were to tell me that there may be a god out there. I would want to see this be played before “Iron Man 3“. Mainly because this trailer says that this is from Joss Whedon, The Director of “Avengers Assembled“. Now most people who see this won’t give a flying crap to know that bit of info. But I suspect that a few people might and it could spark their interest in other forms of movies. I’m not usually into Shakespeare but this is my most anticipated movie of the summer.

The East. 05/31/2013

A woman goes undercover to expose a terrorist ring in this new movie from the same pair who did “The Sound of My Voice“(Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij). I really liked the trailer for that other one but ended up hating the movie because I felt that there was no ending. Many people have since disagreed with me and while I respect their opinion. I can’t help but think that the same exact thing is going to happen with this movie. No matter how cool the trailer looks. I won’t be seeing this in theatres. This is one that will wait for home viewing. I’m not going to get so easily burned this time.

The Bling Ring. 06/14/2013

This is just a longer trailer to tell us a little bit more about the story. I’m going to be really bold in saying this,but I belive Sofia Coppola could be our next John Hughes. She is able to capture teenage life better than most other movies.   We also tend to forget that Miss Coppola can write some very funny dialogue. This may be a bigger hit for her, but I’m worried the R rating will stop her target demographic from seeing this. Well for teenagers out there who are 13 years and older. Sneak into to see this if they won’t sell you a ticket.

The Grandmaster. 08/23/2013

I love it when a director goes outside his usual genre and gives a certain movie a new look. Won Kar Wai is best known for art house films like “Chuengking Express” and “In The Mood for Love“. He is now back to tell a story about one of the greatest martial artist ever known. It would be very interesting to see how he does this type of movie

I will be back again soon, so keep your eyes and ears open. Have a great week.

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