Trailer Trash Tuesday

by The Vern · April 3, 2012 · Trailer Trash · 3 Comments

All right let’s not dawdle around with pointless small talk.  Lets get to the  nit and grit of some trailer talk.

As always I will be looking at two blockbusters and two art house flicks.

Total Recall

The new trailer for the remake of “Total Recall” posted this weekend and it has become part of a growing trend that needs to stop. This whole posting a fifteen sec preview that advertises an upcoming trailer is getting ridiculous.  It would be great if it was a fifteen or thirty second teaser to promote the movie but it’s not.  It’s only promoting the damn trailer.  What’s next showing us the company logo on a website and  telling us to keep watching because they might show three seconds of footage of the trailer.  It’s becoming an overkill of advertising.

So what are my thoughts about the actual trailer?  To be honest with you I thought it looked like the trailer to a very cool looking video game.  Especially when Colin Farrell started fighting everyone .  I wanted to pick up my controller and start playing.  Now I gotta watch someone else play this game instead.  I know that they are making changes from the original movie but the more I watch this, the more I see  a lot of similarities.    I posted the original one below so you can compare the two


                               (Click the title to see the restrcited trailer.)

The premise of this comedy is that you have Mark Whalberg and Mila Kunis as a couple ready to move on to the next stage in their relationship. The only thing that is holding them back is Mark’s roommate Ted.  However Ted just happens to be his live Teddy Bear that has been living with him all his life. I’m not expecting a lot from this movie except just to laugh. The premise alone is very silly and stupid that I might become very entertained by it. In no way do I think that this will be a great film but I do wanna check it out. 

Whore’s Glory.

This Documentary takes viewers on an inside look at the growing sex trade in Thailand Bangladesh and Mexico. It shows interviews with the women and their clients yet for some reason I see no footage of their employers AKA pimps. This looks to be a very fascinating movie about a subject a lot of us are afraid to talk about. Sex trafficking is becoming a very serious issue and I’m not saying that all of these women are forced to do what they do but it’s obvious they don’t enjoy it either.

Mother’s Day.

Not only do the big wigs at studios get to do remakes of well known titles. Indie studios such as Anchor Bay also get their shot at reintroducing a film to a new audience. The only difference is that I’m pretty sure that more people have seen the original Total Recall than Mother’s Day.

The remake for this already looks better because it is more serious in it’s tone and has more insights into each character. The original trailer is a real schlocky and dated horror movie about a group of boys who rape and kill women and the mother that encourages it. The family in this new version are still deranged but there seems to be more going on behind the surface than them just being homicidal maniacs. I’m looking forward to this one. Below I posted the original 1980 trailer so you can compare the two.

Let me know what you thought about this week’s entry and give me your ideas about what movies you think I should cover next week.

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