Clash of the LAMBs aka the LAMMYs are here!!!

by Shep. Burman · May 8, 2012 · 2012 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 30 Comments

So finally its time for what seem to be the most anticipated LAMB feature of the year. 2012 marks the five year anniversary to our own Academy Awards of sorts.

Since I’m a fairly new LAMB myself (joined in April 2011) I have decided to not change that much this time around from how the show has been run the last couple of years. I figure its easier to spot eventual changes by being in the midst of it at least once.

With that in mind I still want to say thanks to a bunch of people that actually submitted suggestions for changes or improvements.

If you want a recap of how the procedure has gone check out the LAMMY tag on here and backtrack.

The rules:

As with last year’s awards, the voting will be done via a traditional nomination/vote process. The nomination process will last for 2,5 weeks, until May 27th. There are the same number of categories as last year (15), though one of the awards have been replaced (see full summaries below. Sorry Nick).

Voting and eligibility is open to current LAMBs only (#1 – 1275). One ballot per site; if your site has multiple contributors, you need to consolidate and submit as one ballot. I currently have about 70 more profiles in the queue, and I would love to have them all be eligible, but it may be up to two months before they’re all posted, and I think it’s unfair to include them for this year’s contest.

Please download this updated LAMBroster (excel file) for the most accurate LAMB listing. I’ve removed all dead ones and all the new ones are on it. I’d prefer if you refer to the LAMB you want to nominate both by Site Name and LAMB number. It will help me a lot when plowing through the 1000 votes I’m expecting to get. =)

Click on the link at the bottom of this post and nominate up to three LAMBs for each award (no ranking necessary), save for Best Blog, where you may nominate up to five sites. There are two sites that you are not allowed to vote for: your own site and the LAMB– votes for either will be discarded. Shortly after the nomination period has closed, I will post a list of the nominees. The final round of voting will then take place for another two week period.

  • Winners of each category will be eligible to place a banner such as one of the banners below on their sites with the name of what category in which they won, originally created by the LAMMYS “sponsor” RIPE Creative – aka Mrs. Fletch’s company. (Banners and code will be emailed to the winners). Additionally, all nominees will receive a banner as well, noting how many noms they got.

The categories:
Best Blog
The self-explanatory big kahuna.

Best Design
Which site looks the best? This could be one that’s built from scratch or expanded from a template.

Best Community Builder/Networking LAMB
Speaks for itself, but this award actually expands into social media outside of blogs like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Letterboxd etc.

Most Prolific
Who makes you wonder how they sleep at night? Time to let them know their never-ending quest is worthwhile.

Best Blog-a-thon/Meme
So addictive you just couldn’t help but take part. So brilliant, so viral that it took over the internet (or maybe just a bunch of film blogs).

Funniest Writer
Who’s the next Richard Pryor? Or Carrot Top, even?

Brainiac Award
AKA, the “Most intelligent/insightful/academic writer.” Who is the Stephen Hawking of film bloggers?

Best Running Feature
Do you find yourself constantly checking your watch, just waiting for the end of the week to arrive so you can check out the latest Friday’s Favorite Film Freaks on your favorite blog? What regular running features can’t you live without?

Best Ratings System
Some bloggers put a nice spin on the old 5-star system while others come up with something completely different. Which ones do you love to see at the end of a review?

Best Horror/Sci-Fi Blog
Also self-explanatory.

Best Classic Film Blog
Also self-explanatory.

Best Festival/Awards Coverage
Not all do it, but some dedicate months at a time to a festival or the Academy Awards. This is a chance to honor them.

Best New LAMB
A special award for any LAMB that’s been welcomed to the flock since last year’s LAMMYs. Sites eligible are #901-1275 (#1000 Man I Love Films excluded).

Best Podcast
Many LAMBs produce their own podcast, individually or jointly with other LAMBs; which are your favorites? (The LAMBcast is ineligible.)

Best Movie Reviewer
Maybe they just happen to always agree with you. Maybe they write in a way you only wish you could. Maybe you’re in awe of the wide array of films they review. Basically, if you had but a few whose reviews you could read, who would they be?

The All-important Link

Final Thoughts
Though it may take awhile depending on your familiarity, please take the time to visit as many of the LAMBs as you can to give a fair and accurate judging. Use the handy updated LAMB excel list to visit them all or use a feed reader.
Also, For Your Consideration posters will be posted for all who wish to send them in (limit one per site). Email your FYC Posters here. Here’s an example:

I’ll also encourage that you do your own promotional blogposts and I’ll even allow those to be plugged on the LAMB site. For those of you you who are doing your LAMMY campaigning on Twitter (we are currently 160+ LAMBs on there so it might be worth it) I suggest using #lammy2012 which is the oficial hash tag of this years edition of the LAMMYs.

On the poll, I’ll have a question or two about feedback and any suggestions for the 2013 LAMMYS. Please give your thoughts – what’s missing, different and/or better categories, the voting/nomination process, prizes, etc. Any questions or feedback about the process can be emailed to me or left in the comments below.

Most important – have fun and good luck to you all!

30 Responses to Clash of the LAMBs aka the LAMMYs are here!!!

  1. Squasher88 says:

    Yay! Already submitted my FYC.

  2. I did as well. Good luck to everyone, looking forward to being a part of this. Great post Joel, worth the wait. 😀

  3. Lesya Hearst says:

    I’m looking forward to all FYC posters, that’s one of my favorite parts in Lammys.

  4. MovieNut14 says:

    May the best blogger win.

  5. Nostra says:

    Nice to see, I might join in this year. Good luck to everyone participating!

  6. I love seeing everyone working the circuit for these!

  7. pgcooper1939 says:

    Crap! I just realized I put forward a movie blog that isn’t actually part of the LAMB. Sorry.

  8. Colin Biggs says:

    I just remembered a category I would like to see added:

    Most Geeky Blog

  9. Tyler says:

    Definitely got my vote in. Since I only started blogging last year, I’m excited to see more closely how this all goes down. Good luck to all!

  10. SJHoneywell says:

    Good luck to everyone.

  11. Kevyn Knox says:

    Great fun. I went home empty-handed last year, but my hopes are higher this time around. I will have my FYC ad sent later today.

  12. Sent my banner in. There are so many great movie blogs here. I’m going to try to check a bunch out. If you get a moment, check out mine. I’m desperate for attention.

  13. Even though I just became a member recently, and therefore probably will not be nominated for anything, here’s a link to my “campaign” post:

    Worth a shot, right?

  14. Pete says:

    Loving this. Am going to vote right now!

  15. Chris says:

    I’m heading over to vote right now!

  16. Chris says:

    Random thought, is it possible to get an e-mail of my lammy awards voting(in case I forget)?

    If not, perhaps an app for the future, Shep Burman?

  17. John Baxter says:

    Just sent in my FYC. Am considering my votes, I’ve read so many excellent blogs since coming on here.

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