Trailer Trash Tuesday: 05/22/2012

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Oh sorry about that folks.   I’ll wake up in just a little bit, but I have been hella tired these last few days and with Memorial day weekend coming up.  I will most likely will be in a Bar B Q induced coma while I catch up on episodes of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This Week’s edition of Trailer Trash Tuesday brings you a slew of great previews for you to snack on. I am not expecting anyone of you to put their pants on either.  So just sit back, relax, grab yourself a delicious tasty beverage, and let’s get to it.


Sam Mendes directs this latest adventure of the famed secret agent with the license to kill.   Daniel Craig returns to the role that more or less  made him a household name.  This preview while light on giving any plot details does have some great visuals.  That’s because you have cinematographer Roger Deakins doing his thing, and with Mendes known for bringing out great performances.  I expect this to be worth the full price of admission I plan on spending to see this.



In this movie a group of brothers start off as criminals who somehow manage to become heroes.  This looks like a Robin Hood type story set in the old west, but it does have an impressive cast.  Some of you might have problems with Shia LaBeouf as an actor because of his performance in those “Transformers” flicks.  But he has been good in other ones too (“Disturbia“) and I feel he could do just fine with this role.  I just don’t like that his name gets top billing before the talents of Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hardy.  Those are all much better actors in my opinion.

 Crazy Eyes

Lucas Haas plays an alcoholic who is in love with his best friend(Madaline Zima), all while having sex with different women and drinking.  Look I can buy some actors being womanizers, but not Mr Haas.  He just doesn’t have that type of charisma or look to make it believable.  He still looks to me like he’s eight years old.  This movie reminds me of  a Bret Easton Ellis novel(“Less Than Zero“, “American Psycho“) just without any of the sarcasm or wit those books had.  It’s o.k to have characters lead a decadent lifestyle, but if you don’t make them at all interesting.  I don’t see why I should invest my time with following their stories.

The Master.

The latest from director Paul Thomas Anderson is about a religious organization and how it became popular in America.    I read that this is suppose to be about Scientology, but I really won’t know until the final product comes out.   I don’t like reading spoilers about any thing  before I actually see it..  There is no official trailer, just what looks like a scene from the movie, but it does looks interesting.  I have yet to see a bad movie from Mr.Anderson and with the cast and crew involved it looks to be another critical favorite.

Let me know what you think of this week’s picks in the comments below.  See you all next Tuesday

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