Trailer Trash Tuesday: 05/29/2012

by The Vern · May 29, 2012 · Trailer Trash · 6 Comments

I hope everyone had a good long relaxing weekend during this Memorial Day celebration.  It looks like the “Men in Black” have had a good one as their latest opened at number one with fifty-five million dollars, dropping “The Avengers” to the number two spot this week.  Will the alien patrol stay at number one or will they get shut out by “Snow White and The Huntsman“: which opens this weekend? 

There are some great movies coming out to theaters very soon, and I even posted one release on BlueRay that I am very excited about.   So let’s get to the trashing shall we.

The Great Gatsby    12/25

When I read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel.  I kept wishing someone would make this into a 3D feature.  There are tons of moments in the text that scream for it to be done in this format.   Let’s just hope they make an Imax 3D version of “My Dinner With Andre” if this one becomes a hit.  This updated version is going to be set in the 20’s but is director Baz Lurhmann going to add a modern twist to it like he did with his previous efforts(“Moulin Rouge“,”William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet“).  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Argo  10/12

Ben Affleck as an actor has had a hit or miss career, but his work as a director has been astounding.  “Argo” markes his third time behind the camera and it looks amazing.  He has put together a stellar cast of actors including Bryan Cranston and John Goodman to tell the true story about how a team of specialists helped free American hostages by staging a fake movie production.  

 House At The End Of The Street  9/2

Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Shue buy a house next to one where a murder occurred some time ago.  I can’t believe there were no other houses on the market besides the one with the freaky back story but I guess the economy is so bad that people are willing to live in a haunted house versus North Minneapolis. From the trailer this story looks to be done in reverse order.  I’m not sure if the actual movie will be done in the same way, but it would be interesting if it was.

Safety Not Guaranteed. 06/08

Journalists track down a man who claims to be a time traveler. The guy in question is looking for an accomplice for his adventure, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to choose the only girl in the group to be his assistant.   This looks like so much like a “Doctor Who” Episode that I wished David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston would be in that role instead of Mark Duplass.   The girl who may assist our traveler is played by Aubrey Plaza.  She has been good in supporting roles for “Funny People” and “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World“.  It will be exciting to see she does with the lead one.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial   Fall 2012

I’m posting this on here because finally we are getting the original family classic back.  The guns that were removed in other versions and replaced with walkie talkies are back, and the picture looks so damn gorgeous, I swear it looks like it was just made yesterday.   Steven Spielberg himself has apologized for making the changes in those other versions and I’m glad he did.  Now he needs to convince his buddy George Lucas to quit messing with “Star Wars” and release the Original Trilogy on Blue Ray as well.

Until Next time. Have a good week

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6 Responses to Trailer Trash Tuesday: 05/29/2012

  1. Jaina says:

    Argo looks excellent – the cast alone makes my jaw drop!

  2. Robert says:

    All look great (maybe not SNG). TGG looks insane.

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