by Jason Soto · June 29, 2012 · Ask The LAMB · 5 Comments

Hello LAMB members! Jason Soto here! It’s time for a new feature on this here website because lord knows there isn’t enough features here, AM I RITE?!?11! So anyway, here’s how this works:

It’s going to be an advice column of sorts. Me and a staff of seven other members will answer any movie related questions YOU have to ask! And it can be about ANYTHING from “my boyfriend loves ‘Twilight’ but I want to watch ‘Robocop 3’ again! What should I do?!” to “What should I do about (insert something movie related)?”

In order to get this feature rockin’ and a rollin’, we’re gonna need YOU to submit your questions to us. Send in as many as you want and I’ll sort through them. We’ll do this maybe every Friday, or every other Friday if things get slow.

And another thing I need from you is some volunteers to be “guest” contributors. Each question will be answered from our contributors (all whom I’ll announce next week) and then one from a guest. If you’d love to guest on this feature, also drop me a line.

Send all your difficult questions to [email protected] OR leave them in the comments. You CAN go anonymous if you wish. But if you go anon, leave a funny name like “Whistling In Wyoming” or something. Same if you want to be a guest, but…not the anon part cause that’d be stupid! HAHAHA!

Anyway, I hope this will be a fun new feature for everybody to enjoy! Oh and I could use a graphic for this feature so if anyone wants to make one, please send one my way.