Donate for Aurora Victims!

by Shep. Burman · July 26, 2012 · Uncategorized · 3 Comments

We were all sickened Friday morning to learn of the tragic shooting in an Aurora, Colorado theater during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Instead of publicizing news on the events, as so many other news websites are doing, TheMoviePool (a film website that I write reviews and articles for) has chosen not to give any more press to this person that senselessly chose to take so many lives from their families and friends.  
What we would like to do, however, is to take up donations for the victims and families of the victims.  Do not feel pressured in any way.  If you cannot donate, or do not wish to donate, that is alright. Below is a web address to the article pertaining to the fund raiser which has a Paypal button for donations.  Every dollar counts and is appreciated.  We’re attempting to raise $10,000 for this cause.  If you are unable to donate, please be kind and spread the word.  Thanks!
[Editor’s note: This fundraiser looks legit from what I’ve seen and so far they have raised 1000 USD, as I understand it the funds go directly to the surviving victims and family’s to those killed in Aurora. Of course feel free to plug it on your own sites as well]

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3 Responses to Donate for Aurora Victims!

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    Stuff like this coming from Bale and WB too make it look like the film industry is to blame. Have some of our guilt money boys and girls.

    One psychopath should not have the ability to do this to us all.

    Don’t help spread the phrase ‘The Batman Massacre’

    • Shep. Burman says:

      I don’t get why you are upset??? For the record I don’t find any statement in either this press release or the site who is hosting it where they blame WB.

    • Well WB isnt to blame, even if one man is suing them for it. But the more we relate the massacre to film, of any kind, the more it will be used as a scapegoat by the media. Censorship will sweep over the industry, WB have even started reediting film ads to contain less violence for not just TDKR.

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