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Sorry for my excitement but its rare that I’m this stoked up about something! But to be fair this is probably the biggest help tool for me and everyone else on the LAMB when it comes to keeping us updated on all the sites. 

The table comes courtesy of Bonjour Tristesse and its extremely user friendly compared to our old table. Please check out your info and let me know if you have any changes. I’d prefer if you submitted your changes in in this LAMBforum thread. Also if you submit link changes please send me both your site URL and your updated RSS feed link. 
To go and check it out in all its greatness go here


3 Responses to NEW LAMBTABLE!!!!

  1. Joe Giuliano says:

    looks awesome and extremely user friendly!

  2. I will take things that make me happy for $500 Alex…

    Seriously, this is awesome. Love it.

  3. Dan says:

    This is pretty awesome. Glad to see the improved table.

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