PLUG: Most Influental Directors Part 3

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Now has come the time of the year where you have to vote for the most exciting and awesome poll of all!  This is the comeback of  The Most Influential Directors of All Time 3rd edition.
Let’s have a look back at the first year, we had to choose 25 picks and name the most influential directors of all time. I must say that I had a blast doing it and it was so cool receiving all the lists from critics, film lovers, and movie enthusiasts and discovering their choices.
Last year, we reduced the number of entries making the poll a little bit more tougher and keeping in mind that the first year your number one director received 25 points.

In 2011, your number one director only received 10 so it kept the race tighter and reduced the chances of total domination by a director widely praised. Twenty-five lists were submitted.
This year, I take the timing of the new Sight and Sound poll that goes out only every ten years to add another question to the poll. Well, I still want you to name the 10 most influential directors of all time but I want you to choose one film per director on your list (his best, or your favorite, or the one that represents the best his corpus of films). Then what I will do with this information is compile as the usual list of directors. And then, I’ll make a list of the films submitted, the top ten will be a part of a Cinema Hall of Fame. Next year, those films won’t be available anymore because they will be untouchables just like a retired number in sports. It will be like a list of movie essentials. They will be the Great Ones.
You can send your ballots until August 2nd. Why this date? Well it will be my birthday and I have so much fun doing this poll that it is a treat for me.
Don’t forget that anyone can join and the more submissions we receive the more it is interesting and accurate. With twenty-five lists last year I hope we almost double the number of entries making this poll a highly notable event in the cinephile world!
Share the word on Twitter with the #LMdCMID, #LMdC, and in the same time you can follow me @parentmichael.

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