Trailer Trash Tuesday: 07/10/2012

by The Vern · July 10, 2012 · Trailer Trash · 6 Comments

It looks like everyone’s curiosity got the better of them because “The Amazing Spider-Man” opened up at number one with an impressive sixty two million dollars.  I’m sure it is a great movie and may be even better than Raimi’s version, but it’s still too soon to have this version.  Having a reboot this early is like giving a kid a cookie and then ten minutes later,he’s wants another one. You go to give him the same cookie from the jar, but no.  He wants the ones from the new pack that hasn’t been opened yet.  There is nothing wrong with the cookies you have,  because you just bought them and they are still fresh..  Yet the child tries to convince you that these new cookies are so much better then the ones you have in the jar.

Enough with my ranting.  Let’s get on to the movies.

Jack Reacher.    12/21

The one line that made me laugh out loud was when Tom Cruise said and I’m paraphrasing “I am not a hero and if your smart that scares you”.  Look, I can buy Mr. Cruise as an evil balding movie producer or as a self help guru, but I don’t believe him to be an anti hero.  Hopefully I will be wrong and the actual movie will be great, but so far.  It’s off to a bad start.

Why Stop Now.   No release date set.

The only good thing in this trailer besides Melissa Leo is that Tracy Morgan for once seems to be portraying a real live person instead of just relying on his comedy shtick.  The concept of a son (Jesse Eisnberg) trying to get his mother into rehab looks like it will have some laughs, but I wish a better preview existed.

Black Dynamite: The Animated Series.   07/15

I don’t usually like posting ads for television series on here because this is a movie site.  However,this one looked so funky fresh.  I could not help myself.  “Black Dynamite” was such a great satire on blaxplotaion movies and I’m glad to see that the series keeping a lot of those same jokes too.  The series will be running on Adult Swim, but I will have to wait and check this out on BlueRay if  I want the uncensored versions.

Compliance.      08/17

This is a movie that has caused a debate among film fans since it premiered at The Sundance Film Festival.  A man posing as a cop convinces a restaurant manger that her co worker stole money and gets her and others to do some horrific stuff to the young lady.  The acting looks incredible and does have my interest, but I can’t believe there are people really this dumb out in the world.  Now that’s truly scary.

Dora The Explorer.

This is such a well made trailer, I kind of want this to be a real movie.  It can’t be as bad as those other cartoons that were turned into horrible live action films like “Garfield” and “Scooby Doo” could it?

Let me know what you think of this week’s trailers in the comments below.  Did I miss any titles you were looking forward to seeing?

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6 Responses to Trailer Trash Tuesday: 07/10/2012

  1. Dave Enkosky says:

    Wow, that Dora trailer really was well done.

  2. Alan Grimm says:

    Have you heard about the Batman reboot? I’ve heard as soon as 2015… It’s like getting remarried while your wife is still sick.

    • TheVern says:

      We had the serious realistic aproach with Batman so for the reboot, let’s go back to campy 60’s style Batman again. I almost am wishing for a cool animated movie done in the style of “Archer”

  3. Nick says:

    I don’t understand all the “too soon” thing with Spider-Man. Who cares? Honestly. The comics themselves reboot all the time with different writers and artists. Why can’t the movies? Nobody threw this big of a fit when The Incredible Hulk came out, and that was only like 2 years difference. Why? Because Hulk wasn’t that great and Incredible Hulk was better. Same here… Amazing Spider-Man is better than Raimi’s films, especially the last entry. And it’s different enough not to matter anyway.

    Anywho… I can buy Cruise as an anti-hero. One of his best movies is him as a villain (Collateral).

    And that Dora trailer is great.

    • TheVern says:

      I will agree with you that Cruise in Collateral was good, but him trying to be a all Death Wish looks laughable. I’m sure I’ll be wrong once I see the final picture, but the trailer did nothing to convince me otherwise.

      As for the whole reboot argument. At least the comics waited a decade before they rebooted their franchise, and once they did the other property did not go away. The Amazing Spiderman Comics still were being produced while The Spectacular Spiderman was just getting started. These reboots are nothing more then just an excuse to go after your money. That’s it.

      I did not like Ang Lee’s “Hulk” at first but prefer it over the recent reboot which felt more like a sequel then an actual retelling of the origin.

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