Trailer Trash Tuesdays: 07/03/2012

by The Vern · July 3, 2012 · Trailer Trash · 1 Comment

Male strippers and a foul mouth talking bear take the top spots at the box office this weekend.  Seth MacFarlane’s  “Ted” debuted at the number one spot with fiifty four million dollars.  Landing at the number two spot is Channing Tatumn shaking his grove thing in Steven Soderberg’s latest “Magic Mike” with a ranking of almost forty million dollars.   Finishing off the top five is “Brave” at number three,  “Madea’s Witness Protection” at number four and  “Madagascar 3” at number five.

Of all the trailers posted here only one of them has me seeing red.  There is not one positive thing I can say about how completely shallow this movie and it’s main characters are. You’ll know which one I mean when you see the trailer.   So are you ready?   Then let’s get to it.

The Sessions.      10/26/2012

If this trailer doesn’t convince you that John Hawkes is one of the best living actors known today, I don’t know what will.  This performance of a parapeligic who is trying to loose his virginity could be played for very cheap raunchy laughs or painfully awkward situations.  But Hawkes plays this role with such honesty and humanity that I can’t find one bad thing about this movie.  It’s also nice to see Helen Hunt in a role that should get her some notice once award season hits.  I don’t like predicting any Oscars chances because that’s what our own N.T.E.M.P. does, but I wouldn’t be surprised if both John Hawkes and Helen Hunt got nominations based solely on their performances.

Red Hook Summer.   

Spike Lee returns to the same neighborhood he used in “Do The Right Thing“. “She’s Gotta Have It” and several others to tell the story of a young boy who is sent to live with his preacher grandfather.  It’s nice to see Mr.Lee doing more heartwarming comedies then he has in the past.  I look forward to this one,even though the story itself doesn’t really hold my interest.

 Silver Linings Playbook.        11/21/2012

After many years in a mental institution Bradly Cooper finally gets to come home. While there he meets an old friend played by Jennifer Lawrence and the two join up in a dance competiton  This is the latest movie from David O Russell(“The Fighter“, “I Heart Huckabees“) and while it may look like your standard indie rom-com featuring eccentric characters.   I would be lieing if I didn’t say that it also looks very charming.

The Man With The Iron Fists.

This is basically a cluster ____ of all types of martial arts movies, and it looks pretty damn sweet if you ask me.  This marks the directorial debut of The Rza(The Wu Tang Clan) and I am really impressed. All those really cool music cues and sound effects you loved in “Kill Bill were thanks to him. So it’s no wonder Quentin Tarantino would help helm this project and have Eli Roth(“Hostel“) co write this story about a battle between seven clans.  The cast includes Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe, Pam Grier and features great cinematography from Chi Ying Chan(“Detective Dee and The Mystery of The Phantom Flame“) I won’t deny that this does look trashy, but it also looks like a lot of fun too.

Fun Size.     10/26/2012

 In thie supposed comedy two girls are forced to watch one’s little brother the same night they are invited to a halloween party.   I don’t like saying this word, but the two teens in this movie are straight up bitches. These two have watched way too many episodes of “The Real House Wives” and “Jersey Shore” to belive that this is how women behave in real life. They are egotistical , vain and should have been flushed out the day they were both conceived.

What do you think of this week’s trailer tidbits?   Let me know in the comments below.  Til next time, keep reaching for the stars.

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