PLUG: 6 Month Rule Director on MILFcast!

by Shep. Burman · August 6, 2012 · Uncategorized · 1 Comment

Hello Fellow LAMBs,
It’s Kai from Man, I Love Films and I wanted to let you all know about the latest episode (#49) of the MILFcast. We were able to sit down with (writer/director/actor) Blayne Weaver to  talk about his new film 6 Month Rule
The film hits VOD on August 7th and stars Blayne, Natalie Morales, Martin Starr, Patrick, J. Adams, John Michael Higgins, Dave Foley and Jaime Pressly. Blayne was really generous with his time and gave us 90 great minutes. We really like the film and want to continue to help support Independent filmmaking. So give us a listen and check out his film if you get a chance. Thanks!
MILFcast can be found on iTunes.
It can be streamed here:

Kai B. Parker

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  1. Thaddeus says:

    Hey, I remember watching this movie in a theater with Blayne and co. – we all had a great time, and I’m glad that I stuck around to first interview and then hang out with, him and the crew/cast.

    I look forward to listening to this interview when I get home from work.

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