SYTYCR Round 2: The Fallen Identities

by Nick Jobe · August 21, 2012 · So You Think You Can Review · 2 Comments

In the last couple hours, there was an influx in votes and Hayley almost took the win. But in the end, that went to Henry Swanson, who will be moving on to the next round. Congrats! Now Round 2 is over and, like in Round 1, it’s time to announce the identities of the Round 2 fallen. And tomorrow we will begin Round 3, which should only last about a week! So sit back, relax, and comment your reactions to those who are no longer in the tournament. Below is the final bracket for Round 2. Click to make it bigger.


Battle #1 – Rick von Sloneker

Talk about an insane battle! The most votes up to that point with a total of 66. And it was literally back-and-forth the entire time, with Macaulay Connor coming out with the win only in the last minutes (51% to 48%) in these reviews of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Who knows what would have happened if it just kept going? Rick was none other than… John G. from John Likes Movies.

Battle #2 – Ms. Jolly Holly-day

Another incredibly close battle. There were a total of 50 votes with yet another back-and-forth. But in the end, Your Accomplice in the Wood Chipper came out on top (52% to 48%) in the reviews of Yojimbo. Ms. Jolly Holly-day was a strong female competitor in this tournament, and her identity was none other than… Kristen Lopez from Journeys in Classic Film.

Battle #3 – R.L. Logan

R.L. Logan unfortunately dropped out of the race after having a strong review in the first round, winning with the largest percentage difference against none other than a LAMMY-nominee for Best Reviewer. I am unsure the reason, but I think it was health-related. Because of his drop, Dr. Richard Thornton made it through to the next round automatically with his comical take on Citizen Kane. Mr. Logan was none other than… Travis McCollum from TME Ink.

Battle #4 – Botch Casually

I guess two animated films in a row was too much for Botch Casually, as he lost out to The Honorary Swede in their reviews of Grave of the Fireflies (75% to 25%). This round was a massive disappointment, having the least amount of votes (20) for any battle thus far in the tournament. Who knows what might have happened had there been more? But in the end, one had to go, and this time it was… Jeff Pike from Can’t Explain.

Battle #5 – Eyes Wide Open

Another questionable turnout with only 25 total votes, but Fox Mulder beat out Eyes Wide Open (76% to 24%) in their reviews of the almost-impossible-to-review Die Hard. Eyes Wide Open, though, always gave me a chuckle, as both rounds his mission was seemingly to throw off readers of his identity by publicly commenting on his own battles. It’s Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

Battle #6 – Pinocchio_Liez

Yet another disappointing turnout with another 25 votes, Kasper Gutman beat out Pinocchio_Liez in their reviews of City of God (72% to 28%). Unfortunately, yet another female contender has fallen early, as we just lost… Camiele White from YAM Magazine.

Battle #7 – Falkor

Easily the most controversial contestant in the entire tournament. His Round 1 auto-win gave people plenty to talk about due to his views on Oldboy. Then he followed up that controversy with even more controversy as he battled against Zelda’s Kid Sister for The Exorcist. Voting certainly shot back up (35), as did comments, as plenty of people were bothered by his decision to white-out over half his review. In the end, his method didn’t turn out possibly how he hoped, and the battle ended 65% to 34%. This is actually a brand-spanking-new LAMB named Mark from ViralNfection, which will actually officially join the LAMB tomorrow (as of this posting).

Battle #8 – Hayley

It seemed like it was gonna be another stale, low-vote battle. But in the last two hours, there was a voting frenzy and it went back-and-forth constantly until the end with a total of 40 votes. But in the end, it was Hayley who lost out. From The Room to Crouching Tiger, this girl was willing to take whatever I threw at her. Except for maybe Henry Swanson, who beat her with a percentage of 52% to 47%. She held her own, but in the end came up a little short. Hayley is none other than… Brittani Burnham from Rambling Film.


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  1. Joel Burman says:

    Love that strategy Bubba! Hahah

  2. That was a lot of fun..and now I can openly bitch about how awful The Room was!

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