The Netflix Game #14

by Jason Soto · August 18, 2012 · The Netflix Game · 17 Comments

I guess having a Midnight Edition didn’t really help much. It took almost 24 hours to get the last movie. But nonetheless here are your updated scores!

Dan Heaton, Steve-11
Dylan, Lackey-10
Alex Jowski-8
Alex, Squasher88-7
Martin Teller-3
Kano, Other Nick-2
Alan Grimm, Edwin Davies-1

And here are your answers:

1. Two plumbers must save a woman.-Super Mario Brothers
2. Bank robbers fight the undead.-From Dusk Till Dawn

1. Five guys must prove they can do their job well or else!-Super Troopers
2. A guy has a real girlfriend that only he can see.-Mannequin

1. A group of guys must find this item or else they’ll starve and freeze.-Quest For Fire
2. A man must deal with his baby.-Eraserhead

This week?

1. A couple goes through a lot of trouble to kidnap a baby.
2. An adventurer must steal something sacred to find something huge.

1. A cop goes in search of a little girl and finds some crazy women.
2. He knows what’s about to happen.

1. One fancy prisoner causes trouble for a misunderstood prisoner while going home.
2. Only he can stop something from happening.

Good luck!