Trailer Trash Tuesday:08/28/2012

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Another week has gone by and our favorite action stars of the past have managed to stay on life support for another week.  “Expendables 2” is still at the number one slot with $13.5 million dollars.  Following close behind is “The Bourne Legacy“, “ParaNorman” and “The Campaign” .  “The Dark Knight Rises” from number 6 last week to being back in the top 5.  Pushing “Sparkle” all the way to number 11.  The bike thriller “Premium Rush” with Michael Shannon and Joseph Gordon Levitt opened at the number 8 spot which isn’t a good start.  However the documentary “2016: Obama’s America” opened at the number 7 spot with the least number of screens.

Here is the recent Top Ten from last weekend.(Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes)

10.  Hit and Run.            Weekend Gross: $4.5 Million

9. Hope Springs.                  Weekend Gross: $5.7 Million

8. Premium Rush.                   Weekend Gross: $6.0 Million

7. 2016:Obama’s America.            Weekend Gross: $6.5 Million

6. The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Weekend Gross:$ 7.1 Million

5. The Dark Knight Rises.            Weekend Gross: $ 7.2 Million

4. The Campaign.                    Weekend Gross:  $7.5 Million

3. ParaNorman.                      Weekend Gross: $8.6 Million

2. The Bourne Legacy          Weekend Gross: $9.3 Million

1.  Expendables 2                Weekend Gross: $13.5 Million

Now that we are all caught up with the box office.  Let get caught up with some new tasty trailers.

Passion.   09/29/2012

I’m posting this one first because it is so damn sexy, and yet very sinister.  This is the new thriller from director Brian DePalma about a business woman(Noomi Repace) who plots to steal an idea from her assistant(Rachel McAdams). This one reminds me of DePalma’s earlier efforts like “Dressed To Kill” “Sisters” and “Body Double“. It’s also a remake of “Love Crime“(Click name to view the original trailer) starring Kirstin Scott Thomas and the very sexy Ludivine Sagnier(Click name to see my tribute to this great actress).  If it were any other director I would be angry that they are doing another English language remake, but I can’t lie this does have my interest.

Butter.     10/05/2012

An adopted daughter who has the talent for making sculptures out of butter is asked to compete against an ambitious women(Jennifer Garner) in the town’s annual butter carving contest.  While I like seeing the cast including Rob Corddry, Alicia Silverstone,Hugh Jackman  and the jokes to be amusing at best.   There is nothing about this that Jennifer Garners(Yes I used a bad joke with names) a theatrical release.  This is at best a TV movie.

Stolen.    09/14/2012

Nick Cage is back ( well,he never actually went anywhere) in a new movie about a guy who has to steal over a million dollars to get back his kidnapped daughter from one of his ex partners.   This is from the same director of “Expendables 2” and “Con Air“(Also starring Cage) and if this one is anywhere near the awesome over the top level those other movies were.  I might have to seek this one out.

Side By Side.   Release Date Pending

Keanu Reeves,Film Historian?  I know the idea may sound odd to some of you, but Mr. Reeves himself produced this documentary about the work and process of both Photochemical and Digital Films.  Directors from David Fincher to James Cameron talk about their love and hatred of each format.  This looks like a fun movie for us movie buffs.

The Tall Man.     08/31/2012

Right at the start of  this trailer I was laughing because a kid is singing a really creepy song and the mother(Jessica Biel) mentions how pretty it is.  I know parents want to instill some pride in their kids, but that’s stretching it a bit much.  In this horror a tale Miss Biel plays a mother who gets caught up in a town’s local folklore about a demon when her son vanishes.  The only thing that makes me want to see this is Jodelle Ferland.  She was so good as a child actress  in “Tideland“, and “Silent Hill”  and I’m curious to see if she can play a disturbed teenager as easy as she can a troubled child.

Trailer Hitch: Dressed To Kill.   07/1980

Since we highlighted one DePalma movie earlier on.  I thought it would be best to feature another one of his erotic thrillers with “Dressed To Kill”  An older woman has been killed in an elevator by a tall woman wearing sunglasses and the only witness to the crime is a prostitute.  This has a great cast including Michael Caine, Angie Dickenson, and Nancy Allen as the main witness.  It’s a good thriller that exposes some sexual fetishes that are still taboo to this day.  A great watch.

Let me know in the comments which titles look good and which ones do not.

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