LAMBScores: A Boy and His Bike…and Other Stuff

by Nick Powell · September 14, 2012 · LAMBscores · No Comments

Another edition of LAMBScores with a very weak lineup. We start with this week’s biggest movie, Premium Rush and then tag on a few little titles- Two Days in New York, Hit & Run, and Margaret. Insert clever something because this week’s just too damn boring to come up with anything interesting. As always, feel free to post your own scores in the LAMBScores Forum, but please, read the rules beforehand.

Rotten Tomatoes: 3.80 (76%)
IMDB: 3.50 (7.0/10)
LAMB: 3.37 (19)
Average: 3.56

LAMB Bites:
Duke & the Movies: “B-movie escapism done with artistry and efficiency”
Reel Talk: ” Better as a rental. A near total dud, but very well paced “

Movies Hate You Too“A film that is both irrelevant and fun, but also has high production values with an enjoyable cast and a capable writer/director. “

The Movie Review Warehouse: “The solid technical film-making is undercut by the film’s abhorrent morality”
Anti-Film School: “An espresso size shot of action that concludes the summer movie season nicely”

Two Days in New York
Rotten Tomatoes: 3.35 (67%)
IMDB: 3.05 (6.1/10)
LAMB: 3.00 (8)
Average: 3.13

Reel Talk (4)
That Was Junk (3.5)
The Vern’s Videovangaurd (3.5)
Inspired Ground (3.5)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (3)
Life Between Films (3)
The Movie Waffler (2.5)
Citizen Charlie (1)

Rotten Tomatoes: 3.55 (71%)
IMDB: 3.30 (6.6/10)
LAMB: 3.79 (7)
Average: 3.55
The Movie Waffler (4.5)
The Film Emporium (4.5)
JDBRecords (4.5)
The Cinematic Spectacle (4.5)
Inspired Ground (3.5)
Can’t Stop the Movies (3)
The Movie Review Warehouse (2)

Hit & Run
Rotten Tomatoes: 2.35 (47%)
IMDB: 2.95 (5.9/10)
LAMB: 2.67 (6)
Average: 2.66
Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (3)
Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (3)
The Great Movie Project (3)
Go, See, Talk (2.5)
Fog’s Movie Reviews (2.5)
Movies Hate You Too (2)

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