The Netflix Game #17

by Jason Soto · September 15, 2012 · The Netflix Game · No Comments

Wow last week’s game was CRAY-ZEEE, huh? And people want to know when this game will “reboot”. To answer that, I will reboot it after #20. I haven’t figured out a prize yet, so be patient. Anyway, here’s the updated scores:

Dan Heaton-11
Dylan, Lackey-10
Alex Jowski-8
Alex, Squasher88-7
Martin Teller, Jess-3
Kano, Other Nick-2
Alan Grimm, Edwin Davies-1

And here are your answers:

1. Aliens…aliens everywhere.-Attack The Block
2. Aliens…aliens everywhere.-The Watch

1. Aliens…aliens everywhere.-They Live
2. An alien is here…for us!-Predator

1. An alien arrives and it’s adorable.-E.T
2. Aliens arrive and…it kinda sucks.-Independence Day

I promise this week’s will be back to the regular same ol’, same ol’.

1. A group of screw-ups learn how to be officials.
2. Dead people want brains.

1. A man falls for a woman, who is engaged to someone else. Oh and something major is happening.
2. This guy is only appealing when he’s this other guy.

1. A woman goes looking for her sister with the help of a fake Indiana Jones.
2. Everything is musical for her.

Good luck!

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