Trailer Trash Tuesday: 09/04/2012

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Hello Gang. I hope you all had a tremendous fun and exciting times this labor day weekend. Many of you will be going back to school and or work, so I hope your days off were fun ones.

Now on to some pre show goodies.  We got some brand new flicks coming out soon, and a look back at a great scare classic for kids

 The Company You Keep. 

 Shia Labouf plays a reporter who discovers that an escaped terrorist/protester(Robert Redford) from over 40 years ago has evaded capture and investigates further. This has a really good cast including Anna Kendrick and Susan Sarandon, and it’s premise does have me interested. I just wished trailers would stop mentioning actors’ Oscar wins. The rule should be. If you win an award, the next four movies you release can mention your Oscar win. After that the title is put on hold until you win another one.

 The Hole.   

A group of kids discover a giant hole in the middle of their basement and have all of their fears come true. This looks like a fun horror movie for kids from director Joe Dante(“Piranha“, “Gremlins“). The only issue I have is that it is rated PG-13. There is nothing about about this trailer that should give it that rating. Yes there may be scary moments, but that doesn’t mean it should get a higher rating.

 The Sapphires.

I was expecting another version of “Sparkle” when I saw the poster of this. Just another tale of talented singers who go through the highs and lows of being famous. But what I got was something much much better. The story is about a group of Australian woman who get taught how to sing soul music so they can entertain the troops at the Vietnam War.. I really liked this trailer because these characters have what that other movie seemed to lack, and that is believable characters, and an interesting story line.   I  hope that this gets a wider the future.

 Girl Model.

A very fascinating and disturbing look into the lives of very young women and the way they are exploited by both the U.S. and Japan. I hope they talk about those child pageants because I’m pretty sure that some of the people who work there are child molesters.

 Trailer Hitch:   Gremlins 

 Joe Dante knows how to mix both the humor and the horror very well. This was very apparent in the 1984 classic “Gremlins“. I know I saw this at a young age, and it scared me, but at the same time I found it to be very funny. The movie works because it starts off as a light happy Christmas tale, becomes a gruesome horror movie, and goes back to being a happy Christmas one. A really great  film.

See you folks later.

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