Welcome to the LAMB 2.0!

by Shep. Burman · October 31, 2012 · Announcements · 35 Comments

Today mark a very special day in LAMB history. First off we celebrate the 5th year anniversary of the LAMBΒ but as you also can see we have completely re-built the LAMB site from scratch.

I’m extremely proud to be able to showcase this new site design on our 5th year anniversary and it has been a lot of hard work in the back ground coming up with what you see right now. Hopefully you’ll find it to be a little easier to navigate but I also think we have a better foundation for an oversight documentation of the entire LAMB through this design.

I do also want to say that it is far from finished, we will be doing a bunch of additional updates and tweaks the coming months but the broad strokes are painted now and I’m very happy with that.

I do want to thank a couple of people big time for making this possible. Bonjour Tristesse is the main guy behind the re-design and have done a great job customizing it to the LAMBs needs. Gavin from Filmscope has been so kind to donate serverspace for us so we finally can do the selfhosting jump. I also want to thank Jaina and Nick for assisting on different tasks.

So get yourself comfy in here and let us know what your first impression is?

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35 Responses to Welcome to the LAMB 2.0!

  1. Alex Thomas says:

    Looks fantastic. Definitely think the design is great so good work Bonjour Tristesse and all those that helped πŸ™‚

  2. Nostra says:

    Looks amazing, a lot nicer compared to the old design as it feels easier on the eyes. Great work! Just thinking out loud, but maybe it’s also time to update the image of the lamb itself to give it a more modern/professional look?

    • Shep. Burman says:

      Thanks! I’ll from now on call you Nostra the mindreader… πŸ™‚ There will be announcement regarding this, later this week.

      • Nostra says:

        I have a very good mind reading week it seems as I wrote a post about Disney last week, which went live today to coincide with the Lucasfilm/Disney news. Now this thing here.

        Seems the origins of my alias (Nostradamus) are finally starting to generate some results πŸ˜‰

  3. This looks fantastic! Great job by Bonjour!

  4. Will says:

    Looks great! A definite improvement, and much easier to find things. Good work to all involved!

  5. Jandy says:

    This looks amazing! Great work Bonjour Tristesse and everyone else who had a had a say in this. Definitely far more inviting to come visit now.

  6. Looking good. Very very nice.

    Congrats to everyone involved on a job well done.

  7. Clarabela says:

    Wow! The site looks incredible. The layout and navigation make it much easier to move around the site. I will visit more often.

  8. Dylan Dylan says:

    Only super long-timers would recall this specifically, but this is actually 3.0. As I mention on the upcoming 5th birthday LAMBcast, for any that think the site looked cluttered or poorly designed yesterday, we had a truly hideous Blogger template for the first few months of the site’s existence.

    Anyway, this launch is obviously a big step in the right direction and I love it. It’s smooth, clean, on self-hosted WordPress (yay!) and ought to have much better functionality with things like the featured slider and WP’s much-better tagging system. Also really digging the Contribs page and menu system, which have been needed for some time now. Excellent work by all.

    (Though let’s not trash the old site too much…it took a certain someone a long time and a lot of hacks to get it to where it was…and though I’m cool with Joel wanting to change it, I happen to like the old logo, which WAS professionally designed. Just sayin’. πŸ˜€ )

    • Shep. Burman says:

      Do you happen to have any old screenshots from the 1.0 version? Also you who still can access the old site can you document it through screens now?

      • Dylan Dylan says:

        “Also you who still can access the old site can you document it through screens now?”

        My commenting here serves as evidence that I no longer see the old site. Though I’m sure there’s no shortage of screenshots of it. Or we can just ask someone that still sees the old one. I’ll figure something out.

        I don’t know if I do have any of the old old site, but I’ll try.

  9. Love the new look, well done!

  10. Nice digs! As soon as I came here today, I wondered “am I on the right site?” but then remembered that it’s The LAMB’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~) and so it explains the big re-design surprise. I like it. It’s neat, well organized with a nice color scheme and easy to navigate. Cheers to The LAMB!

  11. mettemk says:

    Never thought I would use this expression, but what I think can best be put into words this way: I like.
    Yeah, I really like this. And happy birthday, LAMB!

  12. Ben H says:

    Just want to echo the sentiments and say how impressive the new layout is. Really like it, here’s to another 5 years!

  13. I love it! It is so much easier to navigate and to see what’s going on. And it’s pretty!

  14. Stevee says:

    Very nice! I love the new look, and a huge happy birthday to the LAMB!

  15. Mettel Ray Mettel Ray says:

    Yay, I can finally see it and it was worth the wait! Superb!

  16. ruth says:

    Awesome new design!! Great job Bonjour and everyone else who worked on the site. It’s definitely much more user friendly. Curious to see what the new LAMB logo looks like πŸ˜€

  17. Eric says:

    Wow, this is MUCH better. The difference is like night and day. Fantastic job by all involved!

  18. Paul Devine says:

    happy birthday guys, nice looking website, its the peoplesmovies is 4 years old 22nd november

  19. Love it! Thanks for all the hard work that went into this!

  20. themarknight says:

    I love the new site. So easy to navigate and really cool to look at. Really, really, really great job!

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