The Vern Presents.The Trailer Trash Tuesday: 11/27/2012

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I dreamed a dream of more movie trailers  and that’s what I plan to give you fine folks in this latest installment of the award winning Trailer Trashing series.   This week we got some dramas, a few comedies, an alien horror film, and a few musicals as well.   Please leave a comment below to let me know which of these titles you are most excited about seeing the most.    Next week this post will go up on Thursday, but until then have a great week everybody.

Les Miserables. 12/25/2012

I know I posted this trailer once before, but I had to include this new one here.   This  one tells us a bit more of what the story is about, and it has a very emotional impact in just those few minutes.  If a preview can well up tears inside me in just a few minutes I’m afraid of what it would do in  two hours.    I am not a big fan of musicals but this looks so damn impressive how could I not see this.   Director Tom Hooper’s(“The King’s Speech“) follow up is indeed impressive and Anne Hathaway should get another nomination for her role here.  The singing she does in these few minutes brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

Snitch.  02/22/2013

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson works with federal agents to go undercover to trap criminals so that his son can reduce jail time.  This actually looks kind of good despite being somewhat predicatable.   The director Ric Roman Waugh worked for many years as a stunt man and this is his first directorial debut, but what sets this project apart from others is that he also co wrote the script.

Dark Skies.  02/22/2013

A family gets invaded by a group of aliens who want to take over their minds and control their bodies.  If a horror movie has me laughing instead of it’s original intent of being scared then it looses me.  Although that may not be fair to judge it based on this ad.  I’m sure those moments in the actual movie  are much freakier then…  Wait a minute.  Did they just use the THX logo music as a sound effect near the end of this. Oh man, forget what I said eariler.   This is a laugh riot.

Admission.  03/08/2013

Tina Fey plays a college admission officer who finds out about a son she once gave to adoption when she was younger.  The cast includes Paul Rudd and the trailer mentions that it was directed by Paul Weitz who did “About a Boy“.  Now that was a good movie, but let’s not forget he also helmed “Little Fockers” as well.  This is one of those dramadies that is so predictable and banal that it holds very little interest with me.  

I Give it a Year.  02/08/2013

A newly married couple(Rose Byrne  and Rafe Spall)  are put to the test when their ex lovers are introduced back into their lives.  Anna Ferris and Simon Baker co star in this new comedy from Dan Mazer who was one of the writers on “Borat“.   This looks to be very funny and has just the right amount of raunchy humor  that doesn’t become to juvenile.

Trailer Hitch:   Moulin Rouge.  06/01/2001

With “Les Miserables” being a return to the form of traditional musicals that use original songs to tell a story.  Baz Luhrmann’sMoulin Rouge” takes a different approach.  He would use modern pop songs and infuse them into this 20’s style setting and for some strange reason it works.  Unlike other musicals that did the same thing (“Rock of Ages“).   The songs in this   were never used for just nostalgia, they actually do add to to  the story and the emotional development of the characters.  It’s one of those musicals I thought I was going to dread but ended up liking very much.

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