LAMBoard October Update!

by Joel · November 5, 2012 · Announcements · 2 Comments

Hey there, fellow LAMBs its time yet again for the most anticipated moment of the month, the LAMBoard update! The LAMBoard is located on the right tab on the twitter widget in the sideboard. The list is based on incoming traffic from LAMB members to the LAMB site.

For second month in a row the highest ranking LAMB is *drumroll* Big Thoughts From a Small Mind.

Biggest climber on the board is newcomer this month and LAMB of the Month Cinematic Katzenjammer! Other than that I encourage Martin Teller, Mettel Ray, Benends Basement and Surrender to the Void to send me custom banners so we get hopefully can get rid of all the generic LAMB banners on the board!

Also please note that the coding instructions for all LAMB banners was directed to the old blogspot address. Make sure to update your local LAMB banner to the new LAMB site url. If not we can’t track your referrals and you might miss out being on featured on the LAMBoard.

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2 Responses to LAMBoard October Update!

  1. ninvoid99 says:

    I would send banners but I don’t know how to make one.

  2. Ben H says:

    My paint skills are terrible. I tried to make a banner but the pixel restrictions made it near impossible for me to make a good quality one.

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