The LAMBconnection!

by Joel · January 31, 2013 · Announcements, Press Release · No Comments

Hello, my fellow LAMBs.

Nolahn of the Bargain Bin Review here. You might recognize me as 1/3rd of Your Face!, the greatest thing to happen to the Internet this year so far, or as Guy Who Is Not Jason Soto from the nearly award-nominated pod cast, The Lair of the Unwanted. I’d like to talk with you today about an exciting new feature available to members of the LAMB.

You might have noticed that there are a whole lot of us. And in some ways, we’re all over the map — my juvenile approach to the works of Steven Seagal doesn’t have much in common with sites that focus on undisputed classics or the Oscar race. What we all do have in common is a love of movies that compels to write about them. I’m sure that, if given the opportunity, we’d all ditch our day jobs to focus on our sites and do something… more.

The LAMB Connection (located in the forums under “General LAMB Stuff”) is here to help to achieve that something more.

By drawing from our collective knowledge and experience, we can help each other achieve those goals. Whether you’ve always wanted to write a screenplay, get published, host a film festival, run a movie house, get into the industry, make your own movie, what have you, there’s bound to be a LAMB who has done it, attempted it, or can give some guidance.

So make sure you check out The LAMB Connection. In the forums, you’ll find places where you can write about seek guidance on the things you really want to do, seek out LAMBs with the experience you need and put yourself out there if you’re interested in coaching others.

Thank you for your support.