Trailer Trashing with The Vern: 01/24/2013

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Alright folks.


It’s been awhile since I last posted any tasty trailer tidbits on here and that’s  because there wasn’t anything of interest to post.   I was going to list the top ten trailers of last year as an alternate.  Yet as I was writing it, I found  I couldn’t say anything more about them.  I wrote about these movies in earlier articles and didn’t want to write about them again.    Now that some time has passed. We now get the chance to view some very cool and very new movie trailers that I am excited to show you.

Notes**  If your new to this page .  Keep in mind that these are not reviews of the actual movie, but my thoughts on the trailers itself.


This looked like a dumb teenage movie about these teen girls who rob a quick mart and head off to celebrate spring break with the cash.   It has Oscar nominee James Franco, and Disney star Selena Gomez, but I was not digging this movie right away.   It wasn’t until I saw Harmony Korine’s name as the director that it peaked my interest enough to want to watch it again.   When I did I could recognize certain things from “Gummo” and elements from his “Kids” script that made me want to check this out.  It was not just seeing young girls in skimpy clothes, I can view that anywhere.  I just hope that “SpringBreakers” is just as weird or dark as those other movies I mentioned.  




God Damn you Matthew McConaughey.  Why weren’t you making these great movies instead of all of those dumb rom-coms you did ten years ago?   In “Mud” Matthew plays a fugative who is befriended by two young boys.  As the hunt for him gets closer and closer the boys start to unravel the real mystery behind their new friend and discover if he is really as dangerous as people think.   This is the second feature film from Jeff Nichols(“Take Shelter“) and if this is even half as good as that one.   We are all in for one fantastic movie.



Red 2.

I love the absolute absurdity of this movie even more than the first one. Retired C.I.A. Agent(Bruce Willis) appears to be on a hit list and must get help from John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Anthony Hopkins.    The idea of these gifted drama  actors holding guns and kicking ass is a very fun idea even though suspension of disbelief is highly required.  I will still check this one out.    Plus it’s from Dean Parisot who also helmed “Galaxy Quest“, and that was one of the best Sci-Fi comedies of the last 13 years




After Dreama Walker was abused in last year’s  “Compliance“.  It’s nice to see her in an easy-going comedy.  Laura Prepon plays her sister who is having one of the worst days ever and it’s also happens to be  her birthday.  Nothing really memorable, but it doesn’t anger me either.




Imagine if “Wall-E” was a real movie and Tom Cruise portrayed the title role, but with much less personality.   However instead of sending humans off into space while the planet is being cleaned up.  T.C.  instead finds humans being hidden underground that he must help all by himself.      This is the 2nd feature from “Tron Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski and he teams up with a new indie electronic group called M83 to score it.  I’m sure they will be fine, but I was hoping to get another Daft Punk album.



The Brass Teapot.

A young couple find an old teapot that gives them money every time they hurt themselves.    This looks like the kind of story you would see on “The Twilight Zone“, but I can’t really imagine a whole movie on the subject.   I see only forty minutes of interest in this. Ok maybe forty six minutes but that’s it.

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