Trailer Trashing with The Vern: 03/22/2013

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As I am writing this brief little intro.  I must inform you dear readers that I will not be online for a full day when this goes up.  Yes, you heard me right.  I’m not going to respond to either  Twitter, Facebook, or emails from 9AM central Friday to 9AM central on Saturday.  What is the reason for this type of insanity you may ask? Well I’ll tell you.  Each year my friends and I get together for a holiday we have dubbed Sans Pantaloons.  On this holiday everyone takes a day off of work and we go to someone’s house for an all day Bar B Que.  The only rule is that no one can wear pants. You can wear skirts, pajamas and sweats but no jeans, khakis or anything pant like.  I have to work part of the day, so I wont get there until late.  Hence that’s why I won’t be online as much.  Don’t forget to go out there and nominate your fellow Lambs for the 2013 Lammy Awards.  This is a going to be a great year, and I can’t wait to see who is nominated.   I did want to leave you fine folks with a look at some trailers I think are worth a visit.  Many of these ads are ones you have seen before, but they are still worth a second look.

Kick Ass 2. 08/16/2013

It’s about damn time.   I thought this movie would never get released.  Hell, Hit Girl(Chloe Moretz Grace) looks like she’s ready to go to college next year and Kick Ass(Aaron Johnson) is almost starting to look like her dad.  Still this trailer looks really cool, and I am able to suspend my disbelief  just enough when watching this trailer.  The absolute number one thing I am loving about this new sequel is Jim “Bad Ass” Carrey.   This is one of his best comic performances since…since…since.  Damn, I’m not really sure, but I know  it’s a hell of a lot better than his most recent one in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”


The Bling Ring. 06/13/2013

Everytime a new Sofia Coppola movie comes out I get a little giddy. I have had a cinematic school boy crush on Miss Coppola ever since her debut with “The Virgin Suicides“.  Now with her recent movie “The Bling Ring” she goes back to directing youth like she did with her first movie.  The story is about a group of teens led by Emma Watson who break into celebrity homes and steal things.  The music by The Sleigh Bells matches perfectly in this teaser and I can’t wait to see more.


Star Trek : Into Darkness.  05/17/2013

This is the international trailer that explains a little bit more of the plot.  Apparently someone is really pissed off at Kirk  and the rest of the Enterprise for reasons I’m sure will be better explained in the movie then they are here.   I really loved the first one, and I most likely will love this one.  I just wish they had a better trailer.


To the Wonder. 04/12/2013

This is the full trailer for Terrence Malick’s newest movie.  After seeing “The Tree of Life” in theatres twice.  I have concluded that his movies are best to watch in theatres then they are at home.  Malick makes visual poems not movies.  There is a narrative inside each of his movies I’m sure.  It’s just not that easily noticable.  I don’t blame anyone who hates these movies, but I am in awe of this man’s work with a camera.


Generation Umm.  05/03/2013

Whoa like Keanu Reeves is like in this indie flick that looks like it was made in the early nineties.  He plays  a guy who finds a camera and begins videotaping everyone he meets.  It looks like “Sex Lies and Videotape”  cross bred with “Slacker”  I might skip this one.  What do you think?


American Mary. 05/31/2013

Katherine Isabelle(“Ginger Snaps“)  stars in this one of a kind horror picture.  I say one of a kind because I have never seen anything like it before.  The story follows her character into the seedy side of underground cosmetic surgeries .  It’s twisted, weird, and yes I will see it.



Leave me comments below and let me know what looks good and what looks bad. Have a great weekend everybody,I will see you soon.

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