Announcing Foreign Chops #15: Spain

by Robert Gannon · August 14, 2013 · Chops and Scores, Featured, Features, Foreign Chops · 2 Comments

Robert from Sketchy Details back for another edition of Foreign Chops. This month, we’re focusing on Spain. Spain has racked up a staggering 19 nominations for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, topped only by Italy (27) and France (36).

The Spanish film industry has been actively producing films for over a century. From the silent films of the pre-Civil War era to the growing influence of Neo-Realism in the 1950s, Spain was primed to explode on the international cinema scene with a distinctive style.

Send your posts, write-ups, reviews, interviews, retrospectives, editorials, etc. on films from Spain to robertjgannon@gmail. Use the subject heading “Foreign Chops.” You can send up to 5 posts per site, not 5 posts per author per site. The work can be new or old so long as the topic is Spain.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 4 September at Midnight EST. I’ll gather up all the links and post them on the first Thursday of the month, 5 September. I reply to confirm all submissions, so please don’t be afraid to e-mail me again if you don’t hear back from me in a day or two.

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2 Responses to Announcing Foreign Chops #15: Spain

  1. Will says:

    Good choice! My guess is that this one will be dominated by Almodovar content.

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