Classic Chops – Karloff & Lugosi

by Todd Liebenow · October 9, 2013 · Chops and Scores, Classic Chops · 3 Comments

Classic_ChopsIt’s time to kick off the Halloween season with this installment of Classic Chops. This time we’re going to focus on two of the great icons of classic horror movies…Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Thanks to everyone who submitted this time.

Our next edition will bring us closer to Halloween with a classic horror free-for-all! You can submit any articles or reviews on any pre-1965 horror films you want. Your submissions are due to by Midnight on Sunday October 20.

Now, enjoy these great posts…and don’t get too scared!

The Movie Rat:
Die Monster Die
The Lost Patrol (31 Days of Oscar)
Island of Lost Souls (Favorite Older Movies First Seen in 2012)
The Comedy of Terrors (Favorite Older Movies First Seen in 2012)

Cinematic Catharsis:
The Raven
Island of Lost Souls

I Think Therfore I Review:
More Bela Lugosi

More Bela Lugosi Loquaciousness

Boris Karloff Bodaciousness

Boris Karloff Part Deux

The Black Castle and The Terror

Man I Love Films:
Son of Frankenstein

Forgotten Films:
Island of Lost Souls
The Devil Bat
White Zombie

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3 Responses to Classic Chops – Karloff & Lugosi

  1. Aurora says:

    I always miss these deadlines. Just published a tribute to Frankenstein. Is it too late to submit it?


    Once Upon a Screen

  2. thesquonk says:

    Submimt it and we will run it for the classic horror free-for-all…which is our next Classic Chops!

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