Announcing Foreign Chops #18: Germany

by Robert Gannon · December 17, 2013 · Chops and Scores, Featured, Features, Foreign Chops · 1 Comment

Robert from Sketchy Details announcing a new edition of Foreign Chops. This time around, we’re going to look at the films of Germany.

Germany has had a viable film industry almost as long as the United States, only with a more fragmented history. There are very clear period coinciding with history that constantly reinvented what German cinema was. Counting the years where East and West Germany were divided, the country has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars 15 times, winning twice.

As always, send your posts, write-ups, reviews, interviews, retrospectives, editorials, etc. on films from Germany to robertjgannon@gmail. Use the subject heading “Foreign Chops.” You can send up to 5 posts per site, not 5 posts per author per site. The work can be new or old, so long as the topic is Germany.

Because of the holidays, we’ll push back the reveal date to the first Friday of the month, January 3. That means you have until midnight EST on Thursday, January 2, to send in your write-ups on German films. I respond to all submissions, so please contact me again if you haven’t heard back in a few days.

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